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It’s time to get to know me through 15 weird and random facts about me! The people who are close to me probably know most of these, buy you definitely don’t! That’s why I loved to make this tag for you, to share a little bit of the crazy me. Definitely let me know if we have anything in common and share your weirdest fact as well. Hope you like it and please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

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  • Hadasah Love | Style To Love . September 3, 2016 . Reply

    Love everything about this post! So cute!
    Love, Hadasah Love | Instagram @hadasahlove

  • Jules . September 4, 2016 . Reply

    Interesting video 😉

  • Idu . September 4, 2016 . Reply

    I can’t stop laughing about the teacher and your name. It is a cute and unique name. I am ocd to some extent. In my classroom, I have crayons pointing in the same direction and I can’t teach if the rug is slanted. The kiddos all have to get off cos I have to straighten it. Great video. Nice to know these facts about you, :).

    Fashionably Idu

  • Larissa . September 4, 2016 . Reply

    Very cute video dear! Thank you a lot for your comment on my last post and have a wonderful new week 🙂
    Sending much love!
    Rosa Larissa Klara
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  • Christina Braccia . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    Such a cute video! You’re drop dead gorgeous!

    xo, Christina

  • Filipa Jackson . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    Love getting to know you better

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  • Christine Kong . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    You are too cute and I love your accent and honesty. Thanks for sharing these fun facts about yourself. Love learning more about you! xoxo, Christine

  • Camille . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    Great post, thank you for sharing. Such a cute video 🙂

    Camille xo

  • Violette . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    Cute video!!

  • Steal4Style . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    I dance at the stores too!! Hahaha, you made me laugh. And I do the same when I watch scary movies. Great video!!

  • Gemma . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    Loved your video, Have a great day! Gemma x

  • Yuliya Oleynykova . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    you are such a cutie babe x
    Yukova Design Blog

  • Rach . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    It is fun getting to learn about you!

  • Nina . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    Loved this video, it was nice to get to know better. Have a fabulous day beautie . xx

  • hadas aharon . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    so cute!!

    The Fashion Matters- Travel & Fashion blog | Instagram: TheFashionMatters

  • Courtney . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    This is such a fun video!! I’m not a fan of scary movies either, and I’ve definitely made my friend come to the bathroom with me since I can’t be by myself haha

  • jodie filogomo . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    I think your “weirdness” is what makes you fun and unique!!
    It’d be so boring if we were all the same and “normal”!!

  • Ruth . September 5, 2016 . Reply

    You are super cute! I love learning new things about people!

  • Candace . September 6, 2016 . Reply

    It’s always fun watching these videos and getting to know people we wouldn’t otherwise know. I actually love scary movies. They make me laugh (I know I’m weird haha). Fun video!

  • Akaleistar . September 6, 2016 . Reply

    What a fun tag! I really like your scarf 🙂

  • Ashley . September 6, 2016 . Reply

    You are so cute, lady! Thanks for sharing this!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • molly . September 6, 2016 . Reply

    Such a great post! Love all these facts – you’re the cutest 🙂


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