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Working on the 11th day of 2019 already just makes me wonder how life is right now. Because, time is passing by so quick, do we really take the time to enjoy it? To enjoy life? 2018 was a great year full of successes and great memories which I wish it was possible to let them last forever. But we live in the moment, in the now. No ways to turn back time.

Right before New Years we shot this nighttime short movie. After the great edit work by Eric J Visuals, I felt like dreaming away for a moment. The twists and the turns, the shadiness and the flashbacks, the sparkles of the nightlights; it is exactly how life is sometimes, right? This post isn’t about what I all did last year and how I feel about it, already wrote that one in case you missed it. No, this post is more about standing still for a moment. Reflect on how 2019 is going so far and if you are satisfied with your life right now and well, just satisfied with you.

I started my year being sick and to be honest, I struggled a bit with my feelings as well. This year I am turning 25 and I have so many goals to achieve before that, that it freaks me out. But do I really need to achieve all of them? Am I failed if it didn’t and it just takes a little longer? Yes that is right. While writing down these lines I was shaking my head ‘No’, as you probably did as well.

So for me, I will take more time to enjoy moment. It’s never too late to start a New Years resolution, right? 😉 Have a beautiful weekend y’all, enjoy and live it to the max!

Video by Eric J Visuals

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  • ArielleDannique . January 11, 2019 . Reply

    Megaaa leuk lieffie!!! Love IT!!!!

    • (Author) Floortje van Cooten . January 15, 2019 . Reply

      So sweeeeet! xxx

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