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Taking good care of our hair is crucial to keeping it strong and healthy. And while genetics play a part in the quality of our ‘do, the biggest factors are our everyday habits. Everything from how we wash it to how we style, changes the way our hair feels and behaves. So it’s about time we learn about the mistakes we all make all too common, and some ways how to fix them.

Ditch the heat

Heat damages your hair more than anything else. Every time you blow-dry, curl, iron or even wash it with water that’s too hot, you are damaging your hair more and more. But how do we survive without the heat? For starters, you should stop blow-drying every time you wash your hair and let it air-dry. If you are, however, prone to using a blow-dryer, buy one with adjustable heat settings. This way you will dry your hair faster, but with cold air. Secondly, you need to learn some new tricks. There are so many ways you can create heatless curls by simply using time, and your hair will be more than thankful. Or use these tips for the perfect healthy curls!

And finally, if blow-drying your hair straight isn’t enough and you really want to use an iron, make sure you are using a good amount of high-quality heat-resistant product to protect it.

Switch to new products

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We’ve been hearing a lot about natural and organic care products, and the hair world is really no different. Most of the shampoos we use contain plenty of chemicals and substances that are as bad for the environment as they are for our hair. When we are using something with unnatural ingredients, it can only work to make our hair look a certain way, but it rarely feeds our hair and makes it stronger at the roots. Not to mention that some products can actually contain toxic chemicals that can make you sick! So, what is the alternative? Using high quality organic hair growth shampoo, plenty of nourishing creams and masks that you can actually make by yourself from the ingredients in your kitchen! A good rule of thumb to stick to is – if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your hair. You will notice overtime that your hair will start to regain its natural shape. It will feel stronger and softer.

Color less

We all love our crazy hair colors. We long for the eye-popping colors that make our eyes stand out or everyone turn their heads. But the simple fact is that every time you dye your hair, you are damaging it. The dye penetrates into the actual hairs and weakens them, making you experience hair loss, breaking and a rough texture. An alternative would be to use non-permanent dyes when you have a special event or you just want to change something for a couple of days. They come in forms of shampoos, waxes and sprays. They don’t damage your hair as much, because they only sit on top of it, without actually changing the structure of the hairs. If you want to dye it permanently, go for something like an ombre look. Leaving the top half natural, so that the dye doesn’t weaken the roots.

Water is not your friend

beachy hair, 4 HAIR CARE LIFE-CHANGING TIPS, floortjeloves, hair, haircare, hair care, tip for nicer hair

There is a heated debate whether you should listen to your hair and wash it whenever it gets dirty, or just leave it greasy and wash it as rarely as possible. No matter which side you fall on, if you’ve ever tried to brush your hair while it’s wet, you know that it breaks and falls out a lot easier than when it’s dry. So, unless you have a really good reason for wetting your hair, you should probably just use some dry shampoo and put it in a top knot. If you do wash your hair, be very gentle with it while towel-drying it. Don’t brush it until it’s dry (or if you need to untangle it wet. Do it while the conditioner is on – it will help reduce the damage).

Remember that you know your hair best and that you are in charge. Consider that your hair might not be willing to take the abuse after a while. You might experience hair loss and a severe decrease in quality. So, take care of it now and you will be able to enjoy it for a long time in the future.

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    I never iron my hair but I can’t imagine by life without a good blow out.

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