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It has become a buzzword, but we don’t care. Living a better life and minding our planet is our new years resolution and it would be nice if you’d think about that in the same way. We also realize that some changes are difficult, but these apps make it way easier.

Our Favorite Sustainable Apps of 2018

Just think about all the apps you use on a daily basis. Some of us have a phone glued stuck to their hands. Aside from Instagram, there are a lot of apps that help you motivate or actually take to create a brighter future. We have to be sparse with our planet after all. 

1. Bike couriers

Working with the right apps can leave wonderful results. For example, I live in Amsterdam and I order food in about three nights a week. I recently made the decision to stop ordering from Take Away because they still use scooters. Instead of that I order using Deliveroo or Uber Eats, because they exclusively deliver on bikes. Also, I really hate scooters in the biking lanes.


2. Too Good To Go

We loved these ones in particular. Floortjeloves editor Rajno really hates to waste food, so found the perfect, sustainable solution.

Too good to go, gives restaurant owners and supermarkets the option to offer fresh food to residents in the nearby vicinity. Saving meals and making sure that fresh food disappears in somebody’s stomach, instead of the trash can. We highly recommend this one. To quote your mother whilst growing up: “never be wasteful with food, because there are folks in the world who don’t have enough money to eat.”

Too good to go also offers the food for a lower price and restaurants sometimes give enough ingredients to make an complete meal. It’s definitely the perfect student app as well.

3. United Wardrobe

United Wardrobe and Floortje are besties! After participating in ‘Genaaid’, Floortjes view on the fashion industry changed. Something had to be done about the poluting and harsh conditions. There are other options to dispose your clothes more sustainable, but this is certainly an easy one.

Simply offer all the clothes you’re never wearing anymore for a fair price and let your friends or followers do the rest. And believe us, you do not have to be a fashion model or infuencer like Floortje. Just believing in the cause is more than enough.

Signing up is free and you collect the money, just make sure that you send the buyers his or her package within five days.

Great Sustainable Apps we Used For Years

You might not even realize it, but maybe you’ve been using sustainable apps for years now. Like Marktplaats if you live in The Netherlands. For those who don’t know what I mean. It’s the Dutch equivalent of Graig’s List.

Marktplaats started as a simple trade platform for particular users, but has since grown to be the largest second hand reseller in The Netherlands. 

4. eBay

Ebay doesn’t really sound like an app that will help you living a better life, yet it is. It works like Marktplaats, with an added auction function. What am I doing, I don’t need to explain eBay to you.

The service has come a long way since it’s launch though. The visual make over gives it the looks of an online warehouse, but you still buy the clothes second hand and that’s the most important part. 

Now why is this one so important. You don’t want to be wasteful. We as a society are discarding so much stuff that is actually perfectly fine. Just think about all the garments that are returned or never sold. eBay sells these second hand clothes in one final attempt to make sure they still find an owner. 

5. Etsy

This is the perfect online store for those who are looking for handcrafted jewellery and accessoiries. The artists can offer their handcrafted products on their personal store where you can place the orders. The conditions? Everything has to be made with the environment in mind.

Sustainable and handcrafted

sustainable lifestyle apps, livng a better life

As we said, Floortje’s view on fashion has changed drastically after her role in ‘Genaaid’. So it’s only logical that her own jewellery line Je Suis Flore is made with fair compounds and in great conditions. Want to know more? Take a look!

More about sustainability?

If you want to know more about sustainability? Head on over to our new special catagory. 2019 will be sustainable for us and we hope that we can inspire you to make some important changes in your life too.


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Rajno van Wilgenburg

Rajno is finishing his study journalism. This is where he got in touch with the online media world. After working in marketing and data driven content, he started working as an author and editor. Now he is the trend watcher of Floortjeloves.

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