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Ah, yes the holidays are here, as is the custom of gift-giving. Of course, you want to get the perfect presents for the people you care about. But this means doing a bit of research as to what they want or need this particular holiday season. And let’s face it, your loveable fashion junkies are definitely on the top of the list when it comes to figuring out what to get them.

But fret not, we have done the legwork for you, this article features this year top five gifts for every type of junkie in your life. So let’s start browsing.

The perfect bag


Any fashionista can tell you how important the choice of a bag is for completing an outfit. So you can never go wrong with this type of gift. However, you do need to do a bit of research to find the perfect bag, and the price isn’t always an indicator. Depending on your fashion lover’s personal style there is a whole selection of modern bags to choose from.

Just don’t wait for the last minute shopping when it comes to this type of items since they will go fast. Shopping for a bag requires thinking ahead.

Accessories to die for


Regardless of the type of fashionista, you are buying for accessories are always a great choice. You can buy several smaller items or one big one. And just so you know, if you are in charge of gift giving at your company this year, you can find a great selection of corporate gifts online that will be simply ideal accessories even for the biggest fashion lovers within your company.

In case you are unfamiliar with what the term accessory implies, the following items can come into play when buying this type of gifts. From something as simple as stylish keychains to jewelry and scarves. You can even opt for stylish pouches and wallets. Just make sure that the gift you chose goes well with the individual style of the fashionista you are getting it for.

A pair of shoes


This is a task for more experienced shoppers for sure. But there is little that makes a fashion lover sigh than the sight of a brand new pair of branded shoes. Just think, Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City. Now, you are going to need a bit more time to find the shoe that fist. So that you ensure that when your fashion lover tries them on they get that beautiful Cinderella moment when the shoe fits perfectly. In order to do this, do a bit of recon, check the size and the width of the shoes they own and compare different models and brands so that you know exactly what you need to get.

And if you are still a bit insecure about your choice, simply save the receipt and you can go exchange them together. This won’t diminish the importance of the gift, your fashionista will still end up with a pair of stunning shoes for the holidays.

A coat to die for


Of course, this might be the best gift yet for the winter holidays. A stylish warm coat is something every fashion lover needs in their closet, and why shouldn’t you be the one to get it for them. Again, start early when it comes to shopping for this type of gift, especially because later on it is much harder to find all the sizes as they get sold quite quickly. There are several tricks to buying this type of gift.

The first one is checking the makes and models of the ones your fashionista already has so that you get them one that will fit their body type perfectly.

The next step is the quality of the coat itself. Wool is always the best possible choice, no question about it.

Finally, there is the color, you should stick to basic color palette since they can always improve on the look with colorful scarves and other bright accessories.

If all else fails…

Go with a voucher for their favorite store. Now, this is a safety net for those of us who are simply not into fashion and who fail to understand the importance of creating the ideal outfit. It might sound a bit underwhelming. However if your fashion lover knows you and knows your lack of fashion knowledge they will definitely appreciate the gift.

The important thing is that the person you care about gets exactly what they want for this holiday season, even if they have to pick it out themselves. But, on the bright side, you will know that they will definitely love and wear what you got them.

The important thing is that the person you care about gets exactly what they want for this holiday season, even if they have to pick it out themselves. But, on the bright side, you will know that they will definitely love and wear what you got them.

Start looking for those perfect gifts!

Ready, set, shop! With little time left before the holidays, it is time to hit the store and get all the fashion lovers in your life the ideal holiday gifts. Good luck!


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Brigitte Evans is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and a writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly. When she is not drooling over the next big thing in the beauty industry, she reads mystery novels and makes plans for her next trip. She is the proud aunt of Sophie, age 3, who has rounded her Chanel lipstick, but she loves her anyway.

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