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Maybe Ricki Lake succeeded to explain the meaning of motherhood in one single sentence – “Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing”. Yes, there’s no more rewarding and satisfying job in the world than being a parent. But, it surely requires time, effort and above all enormous responsibility. So, when being a mom trying her best to take care of her children, you can easily neglect taking care of yourself. Understandably, every tired and busy mom would rather sleep a few minutes longer in the morning than spend time and energy on beautification. However, every mother is primarily a woman who needs to feel beautiful and confident. And thanks to the following easy and life-changing beauty tips no tired and busy mom should neglect herself anymore.

Get low maintenance hairstyle

As a busy mom juggling her daily duties, you probably don’t have time for styling your hair every day. So, the best hair tip for every busy mom is to get low maintenance hairstyle. For instance, think about long bob haircut. It’s short enough to wash it easily and air-dry it quickly, but long enough to put it up when you skip washing. When it comes to hair color, there’re also trendy styles which allow you to skip the salon. Balayage, for example, is an excellent choice for blondes. This technique implies a free-hand dying which leaves you with natural looking highlights. Whatever you do with your hair, Balayage will boost its appearance. On the other hand, if you’re brunette, opt for brunette lowlights. Not only will it add dimension to your hairstyle, but it’s so low maintenance that you can freely let it grow out and nobody will notice it.

BB cream is your friend

Following entire face beauty routine, every morning can be rather time-consuming. But, luckily, BB cream is all in one – sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation. You can apply it as simply as the face cream by using your fingers. And voila! Your face is protected, hydrated and lightly covered in only a couple of seconds. Even better option than BB cream is a CC cream. Apart from some of the already mentioned skincare benefits, it also provides you with color correction. It evens your skin tone, covers the redness and makes your skin fresh and smooth. Since many such products are available nowadays, the choice is up to you.

Invest in eyelash extensions

As I have already said, tired and busy mom would always choose extra sleeping minutes over putting full makeup on. So, getting eyelash extensions can be a time-saving investment. When having lash extensions, you don’t have to worry about applying mascara or any other eye makeup. Just like Joanna Fasching, Head of Design at Bikyni, explained, “eyelash extensions make you beautiful even when you don’t have anything else on”. No wonder why moms became so crazy about mink lashes in Sydney. They provide you with luscious and elegant look suitable for any occasion. Simply put on some lipstick and you’re good to go.

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Highlight your lips

Speaking of a lipstick, for a mom with a hectic schedule I would recommend liquid lipstick. Since it stays on much longer than regular lipsticks, you won’t have to worry every second about reapplying. Some products even guarantee you 6-12 hours staying power. However, bold color lipsticks aren’t always suitable for a daily look. Instead, consider purchasing nude color lipstick or simply good old lip gloss. As long as you hydrate your lips regularly with lip balm, they’ll look lush and desirable whatever you cover them with.

Get rid of eye bags and dark circles

Yes, I know, moms usually deprive themselves of sleep so that they can finish all their chores. That’s why they have eye bags and dark circles. In order to get rid of eye bags, try using a frozen spoon. Hold its rounded end for few minutes on the eye bags and let the coldness help your tired eyes. When it comes to dark circles, the best choice for you is to get eye concealer. Not only will it brighten your eyes up, but diminish the signs of tiredness.

Now that you have found out about these easy and time-saving beauty tips for tired and busy moms, you don’t have an excuse for leaving your house looking sloppy anymore. Follow these tips and regain your confidence. The woman you used to be is still in there, and your children need her, too.

floortjeloves, 5 LIFE-CHANGING BEAUTY TIPS FOR TIRED AND BUSY MOMS, moms, mother hood, tips, tired, busy, tips to, how to

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