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Finding the right Christmas gift is hard enough on it’s own, but it’s near impossible to find a present that’s been made with the environment in mind. That’s why we think that sustainability is really important and that it’s about time we start thinking about it more seriously. That’s why we listed five awesome, yet sustainable, Christmas gifts.

Wildthings Galactic earrings

They’re simple, yet cool. Give yourself a little bit more of an edge with these studded golden earrings. It’s the perfect gift for the friend or sister that likes to go to festivals. You can find ‘m here.

Happy Socks (Beatles edition)

We. Love. Happy Socks! It’s a very honest brand that cares about the environment, their suppliers are BSCI a OEKO-TEX certified, they refuse child labour and the employees are given a proper compensation. Also, their socks rock! We recommend the Beatles edition, because, well it’s the Beatles. However, we kind of like everything on the site. You can find ‘m here.

Je Suis Flore

sustainable christmas gifts sustainability

It’s something of our own, something that we’re proud of. Our founder Floortje van Cooten takes sustainability very seriously, as it should. So her own jewelry line Je Suis Flore is made out of honest materials and fair labour. You can find ‘m here.

Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

sustainable christmas gifts sustainability

EarthEasy is filled to the brim with honest and awesome products. This is a sustainable coffee cup and something we definetly need at Floortjeloves. So treat your friendly coffee addict to this cool reusable glass cup. You can find ‘m here.

Bamboo Bath Towels

sustainable christmas gifts sustainability

Made out of one hundred precent viscose bamboo, these towels are the best ones to dry yourself with after a shower. They come in five cute colours: Lilac, Sterling, Aqua, Espresso and Cranberry, are completely biodegradeable and ridiculously soft. You can find ‘m here.

Floortjeloves goes sustainable

We’ve already said it before, but we do believe sustainability is really important. That’s why we are also writing about this newer, fairer way of creating products. You can find all our articles on the subject here. It’s definetly worth the read. What can you do to make it better.


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Rajno van Wilgenburg

Rajno is finishing his study journalism. This is where he got in touch with the online media world. After working in marketing and data driven content, he started working as an author and editor. Now he is the trend watcher of Floortjeloves.


  1. It’s so great that you’re going to write about sustainability as well! All though it might seem as a small step. Soon it will be a big part of your life 😊👍🏼

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