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The third of January is known as Blue Monday. It is the one day that we are all a little depressed. Why? The Holiday season is over, most of the New Years resolutions are failed and a vacation is still far away. If that isn’t enough, the weather (at least in the Netherlands) is just as depressing as a grey winterday can be. So here we go; Blue Monday. Happily for you we have 5 tips on how to survive this depressing day and go through it with a smile!

1. Good Food

Food is always the best treat on a depressing day, and it doesn’t have to be unhealthy! When you think about comfort food, the first things that will pop up are probably a hamburger with fries, pizza or chocolate. But what about a fresh fish from the oven with some steamed vegetables? Or a fresh fig pie which is a way better choice than a bar of chocolate? Cooking is fun as well, especially when you do it together! So fill yourself a nice glass of wine this evening and spend your day in the kitchen tomorrow!

tips, blue monday

2. Move That Ass

Working out is not only a great way to increase your happiness level – because let’s be honest, we always feel good eventually when we worked out – but you also keep up with your resolutions. So it is definitely a win-win to move that ass on Monday!

3. Have Some Fun

The most important thing in life is to have fun, obviously. So why not have a little extra fun on Blue Monday? Do some things you absolutely love most or try out something new you have been willing to try for a lonngggg time now. Like climbing in a fall for example, or some dancing lessons. This are both great things to do with friends as well, so you can survive this day together.

tips, blue monday

4. Go Out

Like the last two things above, you have to go out. But you can do this in many different ways. Go dating for example, or take an extra long walk in the park with your dog. Go to the cinemas because I am sure there are still some movies you want to see. Visit a friend you haven’t seen for a long time or visit a museum, because you still haven’t done something touristic in your hometown. There are plenty reasons to go out, the only thing that you have to do is to just GO!

5. Cozy Up

And at last, if you are not feeling anything of all the things above, then just cozy up. Get yourself a hot cup of coco with whipped cream, get on the couch with a blanket and watch a good mood movie or series. No matter if you do this alone, with a friend or with a lover, cozying up during the grey days is always a good idea! Need some inspiration to watch? Check this post!


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