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Welcome to the about of Floortjeloves; me!! On this page, you will get to know me and my journey. I once started Floortjeloves a personal blog, transformed it into an online magazine in 2017-2018, but went back to a personal blog sharing my own stories, as writing is still one of the things I love to do most. Keep on reading to find out more about me and my journey!

Let’s begin with the beginning..

1994: Here I am, a 90’s kiddo created by the most lovable parents in the world. I was a pretty cool kid. Happy and always dancing and whistling. Life was good and it got even better when my little brother Rob came in four years later. They say I didn’t like it at first cause I had to share the attention, but I don’t know better than Rob being the most important thing in my life.

I grew up in the countryside of The Netherlands, so my life was a lot outdoors. Most of the time with my tiny butt on a horse, or swimming with Rob. If I wasn’t outside, I would spend my time at home, creating. I always loved DIY’s and would beg my mom to create something with me. Never thought this DIY-thing would be the beginning of my career one day..


2011: Then you grow up and become 16. Climbing trees became less interesting and the time to sit on a horse became very little. I got my first job working at a perfumery store which was everything. I have always loved fashion and beauty and this job was the perfect way to express myself. Not to forget, I finally start earning some little money to buy things I liked – yeah..

Even though I loved life and had a really good one at home and work, I didn’t really had a good time at school. I was bullied a lot because of my different way of dressing. As a young fashionista, I felt a little lost sometimes. I didn’t had many friends and therefor spend a lot of time at home if I wasn’t at school or working. Meanwhile, the streetstyle trend came up and I saved a computer full of beautiful and inspiring photos. Scrapbooks were replaced by collages on Polyvore and dairies by digital documents. And then I started to wonder..

Why not create a place online to share all this stuff that inspires me? It just felt right at the time, because I finally got to express myself without being negatively judged by others. Floortjeloves was born.

In the beginning, it started with posting once, maybe twice, a week. Mostly photos from streetstyle or editorials I loved. After a while, I also started posting photos of myself. From the things I bought to make-up editorials and some little outfit photos. Floortjeloves was – as you can say- ‘my thing’. After struggling a lot with a self-timer and self-made tripod, I finally convinced (okay, forced) Rob to make photos from me. Then it started rolling. I got my first readers and comments without even knowing people were reading it. Obviously, this motivated me to go on even more, as people were actually enjoying what I created. From nobody to tell my ideas to, to people from all over the world that liked what I shared on the Internet.


2013: After two years I was still going strong with the blogs. Next to outfit and beauty posts, I now started to share more lifestyle and travels posts as well. After graduating from my Fashion Management studies (TMO), I went for three months to London for an English course. This is when I became more confident with writing in English. When I came back I decided to give Floortjeloves a real shot.

2014: This year it was time to go more professional. Floortjeloves turned into a real .com website with a very smooth website design. My visitors grew as well as my audience on social media. At some point, I started to work and collaborate with brands and got gifted some clothes and beauty products like human hair wigs. I still remember my ever first item, which was a purple dress from China. It was terrible and way too small for my length, but yet it was so cool because it was a gift. Like every other influencer, I just learned by doing and trying out a lot.

But 2014 has been a good year for many things. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed about a modeling career and this was the year to make the dream come true. I went to Istanbul and lived there for two months, doing modeling work non-stop. When I came home I was exhausted and a little bit disappointed as well. I got to live my dream, but it wasn’t my dream anymore. Don’t get me wrong, because it was one of the best experiences in my life which I am forever grateful for, but modeling wasn’t just for me. So I moved on with my other dream; a blogger career.

2015: There is a time you outgrow living at your parents. I had this when I turned 21. By the end of 2015, I moved to the cutest apartment in the center of Amsterdam, a dream come true. I was in the city quite often for events and meetings, but also for my friends since most of them lived in or around Amsterdam. This was not only a great step in my personal life but also in my career. I was in the heart of where everything happens and that really helped me grow.

I started posting videos on YouTube as well, talking about all kinds of subjects and even making vlogs. From a country gal to a city girl.

“Every day I am grateful for the decision to start my own blog. It started as a way to express myself, but I could have never dreamed it was doing to be a full-time job one day.”

2017: Being a social influencer became quite popular this year and after years of doing it, I wanted a change. Some more excitement and opportunities to share and create. In mid-2017, it was time for the next step. This was when I decided to turn Floortjeloves from a personal blog into an online magazine. In the first place, I was doing it by myself, but after some time I got some great people around me to write as well.

2018: This was the year of finding balance. I started two new businesses and needed to find her focus. Next to creating for Floortjeloves, my other passion is making jewelry. In August my new baby Je Suis Flore was born. A handmade and designed jewelry brand by me. Next up I also started my own PR- and Marketing agency FloorPR. From Web development and social media management to influencer marketing and organizing events; we do it all!

As it wasn’t enough, I got involved with a TV-show called ‘Genaaid‘ in Q3. It was about the fashion industry and how it really is behind the scenes. This has been the most eye-opening journey ever in my life. To be totally honest, I really felt lost after this. I wanted a change and focus more on sustainability and a conscious lifestyle.

When I came back after this journey, I – finally – decided to look for a helping hand. After settling down in a new office in the city center of Amsterdam, Rajno came to join the team in December. He has been responsible for creating new content and the agenda of Floortjeloves for 2,5 months.

2019: Together we did as much as we could to create a sustainable and fair platform but after a while of trying we lost focus. Floortjeloves wasn’t Floortje anymore. After some sleepless nights, I decided to go back to the basic and where it all once started: a personal blog. This came with a new website layout and logo, something I now look at and am proud of.

Now: Everyday I am grateful for the decision to start my own blog. It started as a way to express myself. A fun way to share my inspiration next to my studies and work. No matter what I did or how many people were reading it, I never stopped. Floortjeloves became a part of me that I didn’t want to give up. In the end, it was the beginning of my career. Something I could never dreamed of when I once started. But when you truly believe in something, you can always make it come true. Hard work always pays off!

I always do my best to improve myself and my work. I try hard to make great content to inspire you. It is something I love to do and after all the years of working I can say ‘I’m proud of you girl’.


Thanks for following along my journey and sticking here on the blog. For always believing in me, even when things changed or when I lost focus. I hope to have you onboard for a long time and that you will keep enjoying reading my blogs.

Lots of love,


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