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Happy Monday loves! Today I want to show you something very unexpected. Something what might surprise you and something that is very exciting for me as it is the first time doing this. I always had have this love for luxurious lingerie. Lace on the first place, with little bow ties and colors to fell in love with. Lingerie is something that makes me feel comfortable and confident. That makes me feel beautiful and gives me a little bit of luxury need when I am wearing a sweatpants on a lazy Sunday. I think underwear is something very personal. There are hundreds of style to choose from and hundreds ways to make our heart beat faster. For me, it really is when wearing my favorite colors light blue or soft pink.

Like I said earlier last week, it might be because I am blonde, but these are also the best colors for me. It’s romantic, like I am (a hopeless romantic you can say) yet dreamy, like me again. The feeling I have when wearing beautiful lingerie is something we tried to translate into pictures today. It is hard to show a feeling in a photo if you don’t know how to describe with any different words that confident and beautiful. It is a mixed feeling that isn’t about saying it with words, but about showing it with a little touch of magic.

In collaboration with A/D Brazilian Lingerie, I was able to show you my inner goddess of love, while wearing this beautiful set from Gisele Bündchen her collection. I already showed you a bit in last Wishlist Wednesday, but wearing it and bringing blogging to another level feels so exciting! I was wearing this beautiful Princess bra in nude and baby blue, together with the matching panties and waist trainer. I love to wear sets, even more when it got something extra. Together with A/D, we will be giving away one of our favorites: The soft wired Princess Bra! All you have to do for it is following the brand on Instagram and Facebook and the blog on Instagram and Facebook as well. After you did this you only have to comment with your email address and we will announce the lucky winner this Wednesday! Make sure to join the give-away and of course enjoy the post! XO

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I was wearing:

Gisele Bündchen bra, panty and waist trainer

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