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December 16, 2017.Floortje.0 Likes.0 Comments

1. Blue Blathrobe 
2. Bath Set
3. UGGS Slippers
4. Victor & Rolf Body Scrub
5. Make-up Holder
6. Missoni Towels
7. Frog Dish
8. Jute Basket
9. Rose Gold Mirror
10. Bath Mat

This is a list for the bath lovers. The people that only move to the bathroom on a lazy Sunday to pamper and relax. It might sound easy to buy something for a person like that, but since there is so-much to buy we want to give you some sight through the trees. If there is one thing you can make a bath-lover always happy with, it must be a fresh bathrobe or some fluffy home slippers. In case you already gave this last year, than here are the other few options; A stylish rose gold mirror , a new bathmat or a make-up organizer . If there is no option left, than go for your favorite body product like this body scrub from Victor & Rolf . Always a good idea.

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