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Hi Guys! Today I am super excited to share my first project of the year with you! Let’s kick off this new campaign which I shot with Calvin from Amour Propre, a clothing line against bullying. For the ones who follow Floortjeloves from the very first beginning know that I have been working with Amour Propre for almost two years now. When I was younger, I have been bullied a lot and I always told my parents that when I grow up, I wan’t to do something against bullying, as I know tough it can be. Than, two years ago, Calvin contacted me to work on his campaign ‘Love Thy Self’, a start of making my goal come true.

You might have seen the video I made for them on their channel a few months back, but also the video I made on my social media last summer. If not, you can check them here and here. Now the coolest part, Calvin (from San Fransisco) is in Amsterdam which gave us the opportunity to finally meet each other! It’s so cool to see a person in real life who you have been in contact with for quite a while now. The idea was to shoot some photos and three short videos, which I will be sharing later on this week (Hey Vlog Friday!)

The message we want to spread is to never stop believing in yourself and being proud of who and what you are. Everybody is unique and we should respect this manner of fact. Be yourself, stay true to yourself. Dare to be different and let grow your self love and confidence, like I already told you earlier in this post. At last, to all the bullies out there: Think first before you say something. Hurting someones feelings doesn’t make you a better person at all. Hope you like this first part of our collab!







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