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November 7, 2018.Floortje.0 Likes.2 Comments

It is finally time to share the big news with you guys. Something I have been secret about for a long time now.. You may have seen it on my social media already or spotted the hints in some other posts, but from next week on I will be in a new TV-program called GENAAID!

For me, this really is a dream coming true. It was definitely one of the greatest opportunities in my career so far. Since I was a kid, I was dreaming about a career in fashion and/or television. With my blog and other work I came far along the way, but this opportunity was very life-changing I can tell. When I first got the email, somewhere in the beginning of summer, I had no idea what the program really was. The only thing they told me was that I was applying for a new fashion program where I would make my own collection. But the things that followed wasn’t really as I expected..

On the first day of filming they told us that, before we will make our own collection, we have to see with our own eyes how clothes are really made. They brought us to Myanmar, number 5 of world’s poorest countries. As we arrived, we had to live and work like the people who make our clothes. Without telling you too much already, I can say that this was a very confronting and life-changing trip. For me, fashion or life will never be the same. Not only because you now know how our wardrobe is made. Also because I can tell personally how it feels to make it.

After experiencing this you don’t take things for graded anymore. You just know for sure that you want to make a change.

So from next week on, the 14th of November, there will be a new episode on NPO3 for the coming six weeks. Unfortunately for everyone who is not speaking Dutch it will be difficult to watch. But, I will do my best to review every episode and write about it in English. In this way you can still follow my journey and hopefully learn something about the fashion industry and on how to make a change. While I keep you waiting, I have a little preview of us here. Hope you will watch it with me!

Watch GENAAID from next week on, every Wednesday on 20:20 on NPO3

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  • Suze Korver . December 27, 2018 . Reply

    Hoi Floortje,

    Weer eens op je site gekeken.
    Goed bezig hoor!

    Hartstikke leuk om mijn lieve, leuke leerlingetje van de basisschool zo bezig te zien,

    Een succesvol 2019 toegewenst en hartelijke groetjes aan je ouders en broer!


    (Juf) Suze

    • (Author) Floortje van Cooten . December 28, 2018 . Reply

      Wat lief om te horen Suze, dankjewel!

      U ook een heel fijn en liefdevol 2019 toegewenst!

      Veel liefs en groetjes terug!

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