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Fashion, we love it. Some outlets are greener than others though. This month, we are going to focus fully on the green and sustainable retailers and fashion designers. One of these conscious brands is Arket. A lovely brand with exciting garments and right around the corner of our office.

The Scandinavian people are miles in front of us when it boils down to sustainable fashion. Just take Happy Socks for example. Yet another sustainable brand from Sweden. Arket too, finds it’s origins in Sweden. Which isn’t that weird if you consider that Arket actually is a sub-brand Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) and serves as an extension to the Conscious-line.

A conscious move, Arket

H&M is slowly becoming more and more sustainable, but they still have a long way to go. So creating a brand that primarily focusses on sustainability is a good idea. That’s why Arket serves as their premium, sustainable reseller. But it’s main goal isn’t making garments that are one-hundred procent made with sustainable textiles, even though they are.

Arket promises you to sell clothes that are very, ve-ry durable. And that’s a cool thing. You shirts and pants have to survive a couple of years. Unless you bring your hand-me-downs to a thrift shop, you should be able to wear them without having to worry that they rip from your body.

Sustainable fashion arket

Don’t start yanking on all the tops or skirts you see hanging there. If you want to break it, you will. Then again, it’s good to know that H&M took the durability of their clothes in consideration. After all, the longer you use a piece of clothing, the better it is for the environment.

Arket’s promise

Unlike some sustainable brands, that have a bit of stale and plain appearance, Arket dares to be diverse. It’s a great example of sustainably made fashion that doesn’t have to be boring. It breaks the stereotype and for that we are thankful, because it also paves the way for more innovation.

Sustainable and handcrafted

sustainable lifestyle apps

As we said, Floortje’s view on fashion has changed drastically after her role in ‘Genaaid’. So it’s only logical that her own jewellery line Je Suis Flore is made with fair compounds and in great conditions. Want to know more? Take a look!

Our Arket favorites

Just to prove that Arket isn’t just your run off the mill conscious reseller, we’ve collected some of our favorite pieces and sets. So if you need some inspiration? Keep reading. But if you really want know how they can amp your style, just go on over and pay a visit to an Arket near you. There cafe is really cool too!Sustainable fashion arket  Sustainable fashion arket

Sustainable fashion arketSustainable fashion arketSustainable fashion arket

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