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It’s weekend!! I thought is was the perfect time to show you some first pics from our trip to Paris, which I actually can’t believe is already a week ago! Time is really flying at the moment. I feel almost living on a high speed train that doesn’t stop. Do you know that feeling? Currently I am writing this article from my bed as I don’t feel that good today. Just came back from the gym but I look like a little monster now, really I am serious. The problem is that I just don’t have time for being sick. There are two exciting jobs plannend for next week and I still didn’t managed to finish all the blog work. My mail is not working as it used to work so yes, I am getting a little crazy over here right now.

The good thing is while seeing these photos I got such a warm and loved feeling inside. Doing this trip with my family, which I love more than anything in this world, was just a perfect way to escape from the busy life we live in. Some quality and fun time together, and oh, fun it was! We laughed until we had pain in our stomach. Yeah, my brother and I can get really crazy sometimes. That is why I am dying to make a video about some fun facts you don’t know yet. The problem is that we just don’t have enough time as there is still another project we have to film (actually before the end of this month) and the other problem is that I still don’t have my video camera.

So hopefully next week there will be some time to everything I want to do! Awh, I feel like I am talking way too much about stuff which is not really important. Let’s say something about the look I wore on the day of arrival in Paris. I wanted it to be chic yet comfortable as we were in the car, driving from home to Paris, almost the whole day. The best thing to add in your look on days like this are loafers. I have to admit, I am still totally obsessed with these ones from Gucci. You can see me wearing them daily as they walk like angles. Same as my beloved LV bag which is a great color match with the blue from the shirt. Anyway, hope you liked this first look from Paris and stay updated because there is more to come. Wish you all a great weekend! XO











I was wearing:

Shirt: Madeleine (I also love)

Jeans: Malene Birger (similar)

Loafers: Gucci

Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma BB

Belt: H&M (similar from Asos in sale!)



Lips: Dior Rouge Dior Nude No. 123

Nails: Yves Saint Laurent No. 25



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