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The modern woman is expected to have it all – a big family, a blossoming career and a life perfectly put-together. However, that ideal life is not entirely possible and prioritizing between work and personal life can be a huge challenge for all of us. Thankfully, these six simple tips will help you restore the balance between your personal and professional life and help you enjoy both areas to the utmost.

1. Decide where your priorities lie

A common mistake people make is trying to please the needs of everyone around them, instead of tending to their own, which often leads to both physical and emotional exhaustion. But the truth is, you can accomplish more when you feel happy and energized than you can when you are bitter and weak. So, make a list of all of the things that give you strength and energy in life and make them a priority. Whether it is money, your career or your family, you have to stay true to your own priorities and let go of any expectations others might have of you. Once you are content with yourself, you will have more to offer in all aspects of your life.

2. Learn how to set boundaries

Once you’ve figured out where your priorities lie, the next thing you should do is set realistic boundaries on what you are and what you’re not willing to do, both at home and at work. You should speak openly and clearly about the limits you’ve set with your boss, partner, colleagues and family. For example, you might want to leave your work at work and not respond to any work-related calls or e-mails while you are at home or you might want to commit to only staying late at the office when there is an emergency that needs to be handled. Respect these boundaries and stick to them.

3. Nurture your family and your relationships

Healthy relationships with your friends, family and loved ones are the greatest source of happiness – when you devote yourself to them and nurture them properly, your productivity and effectiveness at work can actually increase. If your career is damaging your personal relationships, both of those areas will ultimately suffer.

Of course, there will still be times when you’ll have to work overtime and you have to realize that’s okay. If you are a working mother, don’t feel guilty about those days when you simply have to put your work first. When you don’t have time to devote to your children, a great alternative is to enroll them in an excellent playgroup where they’ll be able to learn while still having fun and making new friends.

4. Turn off the distractions

The same technology that makes our jobs so much easier today can also burn us out if we use it constantly. The only way to truly achieve balance is to turn off your electronic devices when you are finished with your work and allow yourself to enjoy uninterrupted quality time doing activities you enjoy or simply spending time with your loved ones. You need to realize that multitasking is a myth – the only way you can be successful in all aspects of your life is if you compartmentalize your time, focus on the task at hand and seek out moments to savor and enjoy life.

5. Take care of your health

Your health should always be your number one priority. If you are not in a good shape mentally or physically, it will take a toll on both your personal and professional life. That is why you should take good care of yourself by only eating healthy nutritious meals, exercising at least two times a week and sleeping a minimum of eight hours every night. While you may feel like you don’t have enough time to fit all of these things into your hectic schedule, the truth is that these practices will relieve you of stress, boost your energy levels and improve your mental clarity, thus helping you become a happier, more engaged and more productive person.

Balanced life and work

6. Make some time for yourself

As much as work, relationships and health take a priority in your life, it is also extremely important to set some time aside for your own renewal. Schedule at least 30 minutes of interrupted “me time” every day and indulge in a small pleasure of your choice. Whether you decide to lose yourself in a book, listen to soothing music or enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, it will do wonders for your overall wellbeing and your relationships and your career will benefit from it as well. Another great idea would be to set aside one day every week to rest, unwind and relieve yourself from the stresses you face on a daily basis.

The process of achieving a healthy balance between your personal and professional life requires concentrated effort to achieve and continued effort to maintain. But if you commit yourself to this pursuit and implement the above-mentioned strategies, they will have an immeasurably positive impact on your health and quality of life.

Balanced life and work

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