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Many of you guys have been asking me which beauty products I use on daily basis, so I thought: Why not discuss them in a Make-Up Monday special? With these photos I show you all my favorite make-up products which seems to work very good for me. But let’s not forget to mention, every skin type is different so these products might not suit your skin, especially the foundations and powders. My advice is to ask a professional in your perfumery or drugstore to help you finding the right products. Never the less, some inspiration from others is always welcome!

You can say, I really tried a hundred mascaras before I found the best one. Still, I am using three different ones each day, but I definitely can’t go without this Lancôme Hypnôse Star (or Doll Eye, it doesn’t really matter). Since a while I am also using this creamy nude eyeshadow from Hema as base for my eyes. I wanted to lighten them up a bit, but didn’t want to change color at the same time. Now when I discovered this one I am really using it every day. The good thing is, it is quite cheap as well so really worth trying out.

On daily basis I never wear foundation. It always feels like my skin can’t breathe. But when I have a special shooting for example it’s better to use some. So, when I found out this Vitalumière Aqua from Chanel I finally changed my mind. As it is already saying, it’s very light so you won’t feel like wearing a lot of make-up. Same for the Vitalumière Aqua Compact Foundation, which I do use on a daily basis. I think this one is perfect to use on some spots and underneath your eyes. I really love this one and it will be always in my make-up bag when traveling around. To top off my skin I use this Nude powder from Dior which makes the make-up last longer and will give a lovely finishing touch. I use this one a little lighter because this works the best on my skin.

Second thing you’ll never see me going without: blush! I have a very equal skin which can look quite boring, especially during winter. Blush is really the best solution ever to add a little ‘health’ to your look. You will look fresh and reborn afterwards. My favorite is definitely this Dior Blush, but also this one from Chanel is a perfect second opinion. I am also quite obsessed with eyebrows lately and can’t go without my Anastasia Eyebrow Kit. It’s perfect to mix colors and it also includes a highlight as well who makes your look even more beautiful. To learn more about ‘how to create a good eyebrows’  you should watch my video!

For concealer, there is really no better one than this YSL Touche Eclat. It ever was my favorite and still is. Plus, it is the best way to do a make-up touch up during the day, as it is so small and easy to take with you. Now, last but not least, nails. I love to wear nail polish and I try to always have them in color. Lately I bought this new pink one and glittery topcoat, both from Dior, and I am absolutely in love!

Hope you liked this post loves and if you have some tips for me I would love to hear them!








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