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Hi my beauties and happy Monday! I have been so excited to share these images with you ever since we shot them two weeks back. You might have seen some little teasers on my socials and especially on my Snapchat (follow me by the name floortjeloves if you haven’t already!). First to say, I am literally obsessed with this lace dress from Lookbook Store. You probably have seen it already in my ‘How to wear summer dresses post‘, but I couldn’t wait showing you it another time and separately from all the other dresses, who were also so nice. But this dress though.. It got it all. It’s sexy, elegant, chic, fresh and party proof. Like I said before, I will definitely wear this one to a special pool party next trip. More about that is coming this week, I promise!

Anyway, what this post really is about is beauty, like every Make-Up Monday. This time we found something special to share with you, while we were in Paris to be more clearly. It is about the beauty line from Ladurée (I am sure you all know their delicious maracons) which I totally fell in love with. Not only because of the more than cute packages, but also about the good quality and the smell and feeling of each product. Oh really, if you just could smell it from here you will be melting away right now. From roses to violets and sweet coco.

Starting with the make-up, which we found while shopping in Sephora. We don’t have a Sephora in the Netherlands so my mom and I where really happy to shop there while in Paris. This make-up is something exclusive. You can only buy it in one of the stores in Paris, unfortunately. Anyway, it is a good excuse to go on a city trip through! First to say, this lip balm is really one of the softest I have ever tried. And how cute is this little package? Perfect to take with you on the way. Same for this cute eye pencil in silver who really bright up your eyes. You can use it as a eyeshadow base or, what I did, as a normal soft eyeshadow. Super cute and super easy to use.

Then we got this goodie bag after our lunch at Ladurée, one of the biggest surprises from our trip. That Sunday it was international woman’s day and we were one of the lucky ones to be treated so nice with presents from their Beauté line. From delicious face and hand cream to a violet bath powder, which makes me want to have a bath all of the time. So my advice after this post; if you are planning a trip to Paris or living near to it you should definitely have a look at Ladurée and Sephora for their special beauty line. It is so worth it! Hope you like the post and photos folks, sending you all my love! XXX






















Ladurée Body

Ladurée Make-Up

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Dress: Lookbook Store

Shoes: Choies

Jewelry: My Jewellery

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