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Some say Christmas is about the coziness and fun with the family, others say it’s about giving gifts. Eventhough I like it both, for me Christmas is about one thing and one thing alone. Food! I love to eat and in the Holiday season is the perfect excuse to go wild and whip up lovely recipes, and it’s definitely the desserts that will win over the hearts of your Christmas guests.

Just looking at these beautiful pieces of art makes our tummy’s rumble and our mouth water. We will provide you with some lovely Christmas dessert inspiration and these desserts are sweet! Pun entirely intended!

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cinnamon Browned Buttercream

The first recipe is from the very talented Tieghan Gerard. This food afficinado not only knows how to write about food, she also knows how to prepare the perfect Christmas desserts.

The moist cakes are filled to brim with warm and exciting spices. This recipe is prepared with the spices and sauces of McCormick, but I’m pretty sure that another brand will do the trick as well.

It’s topped of with browned buttercream and cinnamon which compliments the spicey taste of the cake. If you want to make these yourself? Follow Tieghans recipe.

perfect christmas desserts

Cinnamon raisin wreath bread

A cinnamon raisin wreath bread is an absolute Christmas dessert classic. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but always look for ways to make it a bit more exciting. That’s what Michelle, the baking blogger, thinks.

The baking young woman is well renowned with her blog Hummingbird High. She knows, like no other, that bread, baking and desserts are one of the most important parts of every Christmas dinner.

This braided wreath bread will guarantee you of a nice challenge to prepare but it’s definitely worth the effort. If you want to give it a shot, then check Michelle’s recipe on her site.

perfect christmas desserts

Ginger Spice Bundt Cake with Warm Brown Sugar Sauce

More sugary goodness. Usually we would give you the advise to be mindful about your intake of sugar, but it’s Christmas. So don’t overthink and definitely don’t overeat and you should be fine. Especially with this perfect Bundt Cake.

The spices in the cake aren’t unlike the ones found in the cupcakes above, but the brown sugar dressing really tips the scales. The cake is best served when the heated sugar is just cooling to an acceptable temperature.

A bundt cake like this will provide a laugh and enjoyment for the whole family. Just be careful with little children, they might eat a little bit more sugar, then what’s responsible. Want to make this recipe yourself? Check out Canada’s number one foodblog!

perfect christmas desserts

Hold on! I’m still looking for the perfect gift

Whoops, Christmas is right around the corner but you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your best friend, sister, mother or loved one. Check it out, we created wishlists and shopping guide for the Holidays. And just so you know, the founder of Floortjeloves might have the perfect gift right here!

Maple Pecan Cheesecake Shooters

Gina Homolka, author and owner of Skinnytaste believes that you shouldn’t eat too much during Christmas, but rather eat in smaller portions. That’s why she whipped up a cheesecake that fits in a four ounce shot glass.

The presentation of this dessert is simply marvelous. The colourpattern and the walnut as finish makes it hard to resist. It’s no miracle that creating this beautiful concoction also takes a little bit of skill, but you should be if you follow the recipe closely.

perfect christmas desserts

Turtle Thumbprint Cookies

Cookies are always a good idea, but the most challenging part is to be original. Chocolate chip or butter biscuits with sugar and coconut sprinkles are the safe choice. So we’re going to change it up. These cookies can’t be bought in a store.

The Turtle Thumbprint cookie is an original recipe by Tessa Arias.  Sweet and gooey and plentiful chocolate, makes it the perfect Christmas cookie.

The taste is real rich and warm, since the turtle style cookies make use of multiple layers. In this case it’s sweet and chewy because of the chocolate and the caramel taffee you melt slightly on top. It’s a quite easy recipe and it’s should just take you about twentyfive minutes to make. So if you want to give it a go, head on over here.

perfect christmas desserts

Eggnog White Russian

This might be a good choice to serve after dinner, especially if you know that you are going to feel as stuffed as that Thanksgiving turkey of this year. If this is the case, then a liquid dessert is just what you need.

Have yourself a nice eggnog White Russian. This cocktail is quite easy to make, but you might want to ask someone in the family to help you whip it up, since these cocktails are the best if you make them one at the time.

Want to know how to make this cocktail created by Jessica of How Sweet Eat? Head on over to their blog.

perfect christmas desserts

Nutella Brownie Mousse Cake with Milk Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Nutella? Did you say Nutella? Yes, something that always gets the attention is this beautiful chocolate and hazelnut spread. So having it on a cake is like having a piece of heaven on a plate.

Having said that, there are countless recipes that uses Nutella on a brownie. That’s why you got to check out this one. The mirror glaze gives an extra layer of style to this round brownie cake. Don’t expect leftovers if you serve this dessert after Christmas dinner. The complete recipe can be found here.

perfect christmas desserts

Desserts? No way! We want cookies

Yep, they exist. Some people just don’t like ellaborate desserts after dinner, they much rather snack on some good Christmas cookies and other doughy goodness. And there is nothing wrong with that.

If you’re in the market for a good midday snack, then check out these awesome recipes. These girls are incredibly creative and really love to bake. That’s why some of the mentioned recipes can be tricky to recreate, but give it a try.

Can’t get enough of Christmas?

We’d wish it would be Christmas everyday. We love this magical season filled with family, friends and loved ones all around us. If you’re just like that, then don’t forget to check out these articles, to keep up that Holiday spirit.

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