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This amazing weekend has to come to an end, internship week 2 starts today. After work I went with my dad to Leusden. There is one more thing except of fashion that I like very, very much and that are beautiful cars so we went to the new showroom from Bentley where they also introduce their new model. I’m in love, what a beautiful cars they have! Hope you think the same way as I do, now that I show you the photos. But how was your weekend dears? I had a fabulous one! Friday after work I did a drink with friends, ooh and I can tell you guys, I’m such a loser because I fell of my bike.. That’s one of the reasons why I like cars so much, you can’t fall! Perfect for me haha. But there is more, Saturday I had hard and busy work day at Douglas. It was so busy because of all the presents for Mother’s day but the work was nice as always. After work I go out with friends and had also an amazing time! Sunday, after a deep sleep, I had breakfast with the family, gave my mom presents and visit my grandma’s and grandpa in the afternoon. After all, a lovely weekend! XXX

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  • milana2078 . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    You look great in the car! Fantastic look!

  • Beauty Follower . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    Great photos, it looks you had a great time!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog 😉

  • Darling Bonnie . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    Sounds like your weekend was amazing. I too appreciate beautiful cars and I love Bentley’s and do hope to own one, one day. I’m sorry to hear you fell off of your bike, I do hope that you’re okay. My weekend was rather slow but enjoyable. I made breakfast for my mom on Saturday and then kept her company in the yard and she worked to prepared her yard for summer. I think watched movies alone saturday night and just pretty much relaxed on Sunday.
    Thanx for sharing your lovely photos. I must visit a Bentley Showroom soon!!!!!!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Joyce . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    Wauw wat een prachtige outfit!
    Jij ziet er ook mooi uit!

    liefs, Joyce

  • Izael Garrido . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    awesome car! you look great

  • Me, My f a s h i o n and I . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    I can see that you had a wonderful weekend! (amazing cars by the way!) Mine was pretty cool I had a little showroom from a fashion and blogger designer from Barcelona (
    and then I had a night out only for girls!!!! Then I slept all saturday and in the night I had a nice bbq with some friends! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us! You look very pretty on the pictures! 🙂

    kisses xxx

  • Votre Amie . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    I love that your rocking green jeans in a “Big B”!! Love the striped jacket!

  • Marta . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    wow… these cars are so lovely… I want one of this!!!
    love your look and you look so great!!

  • Mary Kapsi . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    You look gorgeous! Gosh amazing photos!!
    Dear please Vote for me on fashiolista contest- I’m on final! I’d appreciate it so much!
    MaryKapsi for TheFashionGuitar

  • theM.A.D.creationist . May 14, 2012 . Reply



  • el_martina . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    you look great in Bentley!

  • Tudo Sobre Moda . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    Great pictures…nice pants! Xoxo.

  • Andrea . May 14, 2012 . Reply

    Great pictures, i really like Betleys. What a luck!
    Andrea in Fashion

  • Helena Resende . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Great event! Those cars are amazing and you look really beautiful in the pictures! 🙂

  • Fashion R&D . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Wow, that car was made for you! You look amazing in it!! Love your outfit–the pants are a great color and love those shoes! What a fun weekend!

  • FASHIONFED . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Super cute outfit! You look good in that car!

  • Alexandra . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Glad to hear the internship is rolling along, and you and your dad are adorable! You look right at home in that car!

    Alexandra xo

  • Denimtarian . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    is that yours :DDD you look good with them 😀

    Sorry that I could not give a feedback earlier. Please excuse the long abstinence.

    I would be glad if you visit me again.

  • Ka Mila . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    good pics ;))

  • Rocio Larrea . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    love bentlley cars!! I agree with you, I prefere cars rather than bikes!

  • The New Girl In Town . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Je ziet er geweldig uit en de auto’s natuurlijk ook!;)

    xx Laura

  • lena . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    I love your look and the car is amazing.
    see you soon

  • la vie quotidienne . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Super nice Bentley pics…amazing shoes and pants…COOL POST…i have the same Iphone Cover =)

    XO – Munich – La Vie Quotidienne – – SHOP in

  • Andrea Garcia . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Yeah tose cars look pretty amazing, I wish I could ride one like that!
    And you look delighning as always
    kisses from spain 😀

  • me and you . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Nice pics, You look great!

  • Clara Turbay . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    i´m happy with your blog. Come to check out mine.

  • Dutch Blossom . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Awesome en wat zie je er mooi uit!

    By the way, doe je mee met mijn giveaway!? Je kunt 2 kaartjes winnen voor House Couture!

  • Aleksandra . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    I think too that cars are better then bikes !!!
    BTW nice shoes !!!

  • Anne . May 15, 2012 . Reply


  • Audrey Allure . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Looked like fun — beautiful cars!

  • Filipa . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    I don’t really understand a lot of cars… but I wouldn’t mind to get one of thosse 😛


  • lovelana. . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    you look more beautiful than this car!

  • Amy Fashion Blog . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    beautiful cars

  • Caro * . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    Really nice post, I love your pants 😉

  • Francesca Felix . May 15, 2012 . Reply

    woahhh that interior is amazing!

  • Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Looks like an amazing weekend!You look beautiful in this car!

    Check my new post

  • Anonimowa . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    thanks for your cute comment!! Kisses from Poland :* 🙂

  • Diva In Me . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Bentley is like 1 of my favourite cars around. It is super costly where I come from but I’m sure it is off great quality as well.
    I like your green jeans too! I hope you are doing well in your internship.

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