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Hi sweet lovers! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! Christmas is getting closer and closer and I can’t stop talking about it. There are so many special things ahead and my head is exploding with new ideas for the end of 2014 and of course for a new and fresh 2015! Things are getting bigger and bigger and I feel as excited as a little happy clam. I wish I could already tell you everything but I think it is much more fun to keep it all as a big surprise. So stay up to date, big things and great wishes are coming!

For the last day of this weekend I have a very cozy look for you. During our trip to Paris in October, we discovered this little designer outlet shop in one of the cutest little streets ever. Yes, a designer AND outlet, the best combination ever! It was overloaded with Dolce & Gabbana dresses, Fendi coats and Chanel skirts. Besides all these to die for brands, our eye felt immediately on this beauty. I mean, how insane is this fur-leather biker jacket?! It was definitely some investment worth and we must had have it in our wardrobe. Happy for me that my mom and I both fit in so we can share hehe.

I thought this jacket comes to its right perfectly with a brown leather legging and some tweed brown sneakers. An all brown outfit it just the perfect way to go this season. It is less hard than black and maybe even more chic. I am a fan already! To add at least a little different color I carried my favorite bag e-v-e-r with me, my Louis Vuitton baby. Even during winter it seems to be the perfect bag and color! What do you think about this outfit and an all brown combination? Is it something you’ll wear as well? Let me know because I am curious to hear your thoughts! For now I wish you a great Sunday and already a good start of a new week tomorrow! XX


















I was wearing:

Jacket: Pellessimo (I also love)

Leather pants: Ginger (similar)

Sneakers: Sarah Summer

Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma BB


Lips: Dior Rouge Nude No. 123

Nails: Chanel No. 505

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