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We often talk about girls who are suffering from a burn-out. It’s becoming a pretty common thing, sadly. Especially amongst the western females, feeling like you’re at the end of your strength is present. Having to preform in a modern world, whilst also carrying the burdens from the past generations can be overwhelming, yet you do it. But did you know men suffer just the same.

I’m sorry to burst bubbles. Having a burn-out isn’t female-exclusive.  Be glad that it isn’t. The thing that’s exclusive women is that it isn’t weird to talk about it openly. And I’ll tell you why.

We’re no talkers

I’ve stated this once before. Men aren’t talkers, we are getting there, but it will take some generations before we’re at an understandable level. We’ve been taught to never really express our feelings, which leaves us to bottle stuff up. So imagine a man that has faint symptoms of a burn-out. We are not going to acknowledge it, instead, we’ll soldier on.

The effects of the last generation is also something that is still haunting us. Do you know a guy that’s taking a sick day before getting kicked out of the office? Well I’m not one of them. My supervisors always had to send me home. And even then I was quick to open my laptop and continue working from home.

All this is not very benificial for a burn-out. I have experienced this first hand. Not knowing that I was overbeared with work, feeling tired constantly and skipping out on social responsibilities, just so I could ‘chill’ on my own. Once my job ended and I got to ‘enjoy’ a few weeks of doing nothing, I started to experience the effects my lifestyle had on me.

I was too tired to do anything, bordering on depression and feeling a constant urge to do something meaningful. What I didn’t realized was that I should’ve been using this time to collect myself and relax. This added to the stress I was already experiencing. I wanted to work those crazy sixty to seventy hour work-weeks because I knew that was what I was good at.

Finding my bearings

After I talked to my physician about my fatigued condition, she told me I was overworking myself way too hard. I was well on my way to have a burn-out. In fact, I was already in an early stage. She advised me to use my time more constructive and journal my days. So, I did. I divised a plan of what I wanted to do with my life.

Knowing that the candle was burning at both ends, I decided to take a little holiday and I put some things for myself in perspective. I wanted to start as a freelancer. Be in control of my own hours, my own life and only work whenever I could. And it worked out great. After a few months I felt like taking on more jobs, doing more small assignments and checking off more remedial tasks that need checking.

I’m not there yet, however, I feel stronger. There’s no feeling of fatigue in the weekends and my nights are filled with fun activities like going for dinner or to the movies.

So, men feel these feelings too. I think that I’m one of the fair few that actually put those words on paper. But here’s to hoping. If you suspect that one of your male friends is suffering from


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