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Oh My Gosh, this was the best weekend I had ever since.. ages? I feel so full of happiness right now, you can’t even imagine. Summer vibes got me and it doesn’t want to leave. All I can think of is summer. Summer music, summer dancing, sailing, swimming, summer drinks and of course the festival near our home where I told you some weeks ago about. It officially started yesterday and we had such a good first night. Last year was also great, especially because I just came back from a long time in Istanbul which made it the perfect opportunity to see everybody again. The only problem last year was the weather, as it wasn’t that good. This year we are totally blessed with a heatwave in town and some great artists coming. The only thing now is praying and praying for summer to stay.

And it probably will stay as next weeks prospects are looking as lovely as it is right now. This weekend just was a pure bliss. We had friends over for a barbecue on Friday and Saturday my brother gave his graduation party for all of his friends (including a barbecue as well). We just had too much fun and ended up a great night at the festival, things couldn’t be any better. Make sure to follow my Snapchat @floortjeloves along the way if you haven’t added me yet. Some crazy faces and dance moves are going on there!

But work must go on as we have to get back to the office tomorrow. Still, next week doesn’t look that bad. We have many shootings planned and on Thursday the fun will start all over again with the festival every evening and on Friday Amsterdam Fashion Week. It is going to be my second season there, and even though it is the smallest fashion week out there, I love to see the little Dutch crowd coming and being dressed nicely. So yes, these days are going to be filled with fun. How about you? Did you spend your weekend well and do you have any exciting things plannend for next week?

About today’s outfit. As a blogger you are always in search for the perfect spots to shoot. No matter if you’re on holiday or just at your cute little home town. Well, for Rob and me it is always a hard job to find these spots, as we had almost everything! That is why I couldn’t resist to ask to shoot in this beautiful American dream car, which was parked close to our work. Love at first sight you can say so. Happily for me I was wearing the perfect outfit to shoot it with and I brought my camera with me. Things couldn’t get better when the owner said it wasn’t any problem to shoot with his beautiful car. I think the pics turned out really well while wearing this cute yellow shorts and linen shirt. Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we do!


















I was wearing:

Shirt: Massimo Dutti

Shorts: Polo Ralph Lauren

Bag: Chloé Faye here, here or here

Sandals: Crypres

Jewelry: Accessorize


Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture No. 17

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