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Want to spice up your wardrobe or get the latest fashion tips? Get inspired by outfits or read about the latest trends daily? Than this is the right place for you! On this page, you will find everything when it comes to fashion. What are the hottest trend of the moment and how to pull it off?

Our founder Floortje, once started this platform as a blog to share her daily outfits. So since the beginning, Floortjeloves has been a fashion-minded place for people all over the world. Combing high-end with streetstyle is her biggest passion, so that is what you will see a lot as well. Making outfits affordable, yet dreaming away with the touch of luxury. Enjoy scrolling around and soaking in the inspiration!

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Sunset is just the most magical and beautiful thing in the world, right? So time to capture this moment in another one of my favorite outfits…

floortjeloves, bumbag, lv bumbag, louis vuitton, louis Vuitton bumbag

As you may have seen in yesterday’s unboxing video, I got myself something I am so so excited about! As the title is already saying, it…

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Today is the big day and I am so so excited to share this next chapter with you which I have been working on the last…

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