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Well, were to start? As you probably have seen on my social media, I did quite a big thing. I have been telling you everything about my next dream bag (remember the ‘How to get your dream bag?‘ post a few months ago?). Two weeks ago the time was finally there. I know, I was actually going to wait until my 21st birthday, but after entering the Chanel shop and seeing the perfect bag there, it was so hard to resist. Especially as this is a seasonal classic bag, which means it was basically my only chance. Now, I had the option to keep it in the box until October, but that would be a mission impossible right? As I have it already in my hands now!

So you guys, here is my latest crush: a Classic Chanel Flag Bag Medium – season edition. I am literally in L O V E with it. It is so true what they say about a first Chanel. It feels like a little bit of magic. Like a huge achievement. Like a beginning of more dreams coming true. A statement that will last forever and which you will give to your children and their children afterwards. Something you never get bored of. Shall I go on? You probably understand my feeling of love and happiness when you see these pictures. And I am sorry for the spamming with it that will happen soon, as this bag literally fits with every outfit.

I have to admit, it cost me a fortune, and a lot of energy to say. Yup, I am this crazy kind of girl who is calculating all day long to see what she can spend on designer bags and what she has to save for other necessary things. Some will call me crazy, some will totally understand me. But the basics for any dreams are: work hard! Make sure to check out the post I mentioned up here to read about my tips and tricks on how to save money. Hope you will all get there one day but meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy my beautiful new friend called ‘Chanel‘.













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  1. Congratulations with your beautiful icon!! You will enjoy this bag for years and probably going to pass this to your children! I totally agree your purchase & I think it is very good you didn’t wait as the bag will only get more expensive over season. Enjoy this piece of classic and timeless beauty! Xx Susanne –

  2. Love it! !!! You go girl!! Life is short buy the bag!! I would be the crazy person that would never get rid of the box. And display it. You earned it!!! :)

  3. Proficiat! Je hebt echt een prachtexemplaar uitgekozen, gaat je leven lang mee (en dat van je toekomstige dochter en kleindochter ook haha) dus sowieso een top aankoop gedaan meid! Fantastische foto’s ook <3
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

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