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The best way to start the new season is with new and fresh make-up. That’s what my post is about today. I got some beautiful new make-up from Chanel which I want to share with you. Let’s start with this amazing highlighter from their spring look. It’s shame so use it because it’s so beautiful. But it’s a perfect match with the blush which comes next. The color is really perfect for this spring/summer. A orange-pink blush makes you look fresh and lovely. I’ll guarantee you that you will look amazing with a blush like this. At the last I have this cool eye shadow and eyeliner for the day and evening. You can create a fresh natural look with it but it’s also perfect for smokey eyes for the night.
Poudre Signée De Chanel
Joues Contraste Power Blush No. 76 Friole
Stylo Long-Lasting Eyeliner No. 100 Santal
Les 4 Ombres Eye Shadow No. 39 Raffinement
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Comments (9)

  • Admirably Pretty . June 15, 2013 . Reply

    Wauw, prachtige collectie! Erg mooie kleuren. Chanel heeft altijd de mooiste make-up, ik ben grote fan van de Rouge Coco lipsticks.

    XO Imke

  • kamila . June 15, 2013 . Reply

    awesome!! : D

    i invite to me too

  • Carol . June 15, 2013 . Reply

    i have tried so many cosmetic brands but have to say that chanel has the most amazing stuff for our beauty 🙂

  • Irene Àvila . June 15, 2013 . Reply

    I love Chanel!

    Love, Irenestylelife!

  • Isabel López . June 16, 2013 . Reply

    Dying just now… *-* I’m such a Chanel makeup lover too. Good taste, girl, hahaha.


    Isabeltoujours x

  • Pamela RG . June 16, 2013 . Reply

    Chanel Cosmetics is my favourite. You purchases are excellent! Enjoy!

  • Spoonful Of Diamonds . June 16, 2013 . Reply

    beautiful shades of color for the summer! i love refreshing my makeup


  • Ilaria Tomasso . June 16, 2013 . Reply

    I love make-up but I don’t have many Chanel pieces. Must try some of these! 🙂

    Destination Moi

  • Diva In Me . June 24, 2013 . Reply

    I’ve been pilling on a lot of Chanel make up through time and I can’t stop pilling them. They definitely have some great stuff =)
    I like your blusher too =)

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