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Happy Sunday loves! The counting down really begon. Three more nights before Christmas is here! I can’t wait for it as I am more in the mood then ever. The past two years we were away with Christmas. From Malaysia two years ago to Austria last year. I wouldn’t complain because being on holiday during Christmas was one of the best experiences ever, especially when in Malaysia. But there still is this good feeling about being home. Where all our beloved ones and family lives and where we can make our own space the coziest one. That is also exactly what we are doing this year. Decoration is everywhere around the house and some really good food is coming here on Christmas day.

What are your Christmas plans and how did you decorate your house? I think there is nothing better than hearing other ones stories to get more inspiration for your own Christmas. From the food on the menu, to the decoration in and around the house, and even to outfits and make-up. During Christmas I want to wear something festive but comfortable at the same time. When it comes to New Years Eve it is only about glitter and glamour for me, but Christmas is different. You have to run around the house the whole evening, maybe you go to the church and other wise you will watch ‘Home Alone’ on the television. That’s why a comfortable outfit is perfect, but with a chic touch of course!

For our Christmas dinner I am planning to wear this outfit I am showing you today. Since I got this beautiful white peplum top from Asos I can’t think about any other outfit. Must be a sign right? This all season top is wearable in so many ways. For now I really like to wear it with a white shirt underneath, just because without it would be too cold. With it I was wearing a grey leather pants and my favorite Saint Laurent booties. At the end I was still something missing, so adding a little sparkle was necessary. Therefor I got these amazing rose gold earrings, also from Asos as well. I love how simple yet cool they are. Something you will be watching at for a while.

The last touch of glamour in this look was of course adding a vampy red lipstick from Chanel for the contrast. Love how it pops out in this clean look! What do you think about this Christmas ready outfit? Do think the same way as I do about being comfortable and chic at the same time? And what do you think about our Christmas decorated stairs, isn’t it lovely? 🙂 Wish you all a great evening and see you tomorrow with some exciting specials! XX

















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Peplum: Asos

Earrings: Asos

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