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One more night before Christmas really hits our small but beautiful world. I was actually planning to post this beauty special yesterday, but some things came through. All I can say is that this Christmas I will be more grateful than ever. Some things are happening with a reason. To realize how much your life is worth and the life from your beloved ones. But that is what Christmas is all about right? About learning to love and be loved in return. About appreciating every little moments in our lives that has its ups and downs. My Christmas message for you is to find yourself again, to really start with the things you want and to stop your bad behaviors. I learned this lesson yesterday and maybe that’s why I am getting a little sentimental over here when talking about love and Christmas.

So let’s get over to what this post really is about today: a Christmas ready make-up! I wanted to do something special and festive, but easy to create at the same time. It doesn’t have to look like it took a lot of work, if you think it looks great it does! For my Christmas look I chose to create a brown and gold smokey eye with a black wings eyeliner. I think brown is better for me because of my light colored eyes. When you have brown eyes for example, you should definitely use black or dark blue!

I think when you have a good make-up basic you’re already half way from a perfect look. For my eyes I used this lovely color palette from Dior. I only used the gold and brown tones for this look. I built the colors up from the lightest one over my whole eyelid, and ended up with the darkest one in my arcade arches. The most important thing for a smokey eye is blending. Use a clean eyeshadow brush to spread the color, make it equal and look more natural. If you are happy with the result you can create your eyeliner next to your lashes. A little tip from me: do it fast because this will help you to do it right in one turn. We don’t want to destroy our make-up right? After you add some mascara you can finish up your look with a soft red/pink lipstick and you’re ready for Christmas!

Hope you loved the make-up look in here and that it might inspire you for your own. If this inspiration is not enough for you than make sure to also check out Net-a-Porter as they have a beautiful magazine online, the best online shopping and a huge winter sale now! Jup, sale is on babies!! Also, make sure you stay up to date because tomorrow the Christmas special that I was talking about will be finally online! Can’t wait!! XXXX






















Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow

L’Orèal Superliner

Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Yves Saint Laurent Vernis à Levres Rebel Nudes No. 35

Yves Saint Laurent Nail Polish No. 07

Base Brush and Arcade Arch Brush

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