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During the Holidays we all want to do something special. Besides decorating the house we also want to look flawless ourselves. We buy sequin dresses, high heels, make our hair curly and use that perfect eyeshadow palette for the perfect smokey-eye. That is was Christmas is for me anyway. But what is missing in this list? Yes, nails! Besides a beautiful red manicure which is al-ways good, I wanted to add something special. I had a look at my nail polish collection (which is very big I have to admit..) and found these cool ones for a perfect Christmas combo.

First I used a metal nail file to get my nails in shape. Of course you can use every kind of file but I used this one because it is my personal favorite. After you have them in the shape you want them to have, you can start with the base coat. Especially when using red I really recommend using a base coat, because when removing your nail polish you won’t look like you killed someone!

Basics are done, let’s start coloring! Of course I won’t have to tell you how to do this. Anyway, I have a little tip for you which you might not know yet. I always, but literally always, have the problem that the nail polish is everywhere around my finger. To remove it I use this easy corrector stick from Douglas which is the best invention ever. No more mess around my nails for me hehe.

So, that was it! After a glitter finishing touch your nails are Christmas ready! Make sure you let every layer dry long enough to make sure the color will last the longest. What are your favorite manicures during the Holidays? Did I made a good choice for red and glitters or do you have any better ideas? Let me know because I am curious to hear your thoughts! Meanwhile I am thinking about some party ready make-up looks. Any requests? Let me know folks! 🙂











I used:

Herôme Base Coat

O.P.I Red

Glitter Nail Polish

Metal Nail File

Douglas Hand Feet Nails Corrector

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