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What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season? It can be anything from the decorations, music, food and drink to seeing some dear people. Whatever it is, holidays tend to stir some emotions in all of us. It’s the feeling of warmth in combination with joy, anticipation and just a tiny touch of melancholy to remind us of all the Christmases behind us. And if you truly want to get yourself into the holiday spirit, you should start with making your home as Christmassy as possible.

The Christmas music and films

There are those people who get annoyed by all the Christmas music coming from everywhere as soon as Thanksgiving’s over. However, even they must have one or two favorite Christmas songs. As for the rest of us, a great way to create a Christmas atmosphere in your home is to make a playlist with all the holiday-themed songs you love and then play it on repeat. Similarly, you can binge-watch some of the classic holiday films.

classic christmas

It’s probably enough to simply turn the TV on and you’ll come across a wide variety of them, so pick the ones that take you back to your childhood, get cozy on your sofa and watch them for as long as you want. If you live with your family, turn this into a family activity, so that your children create heartwarming memories and know exactly which film to choose one day when they live their own lives.

The people

Most people take some time off around the holidays, which makes this a great opportunity to spend some time with the ones you love, but normally can’t manage to see. Invite some relatives or close friends to be your guests for a weekend, or simply have them over for coffee, some Christmas cookies and a nice conversation.

In case you’re buying gifts for them, make them count by being mindful. This means that the gift itself isn’t just an object you give, but what really counts is the thought behind it and the way somebody’s face lights up when they receive it. It will fill your home with laughter and positive energy, which is what holidays should be about. This is also the perfect time for forgiveness, meaning that it’s perfectly OK to pick up the phone and call somebody you’ve been holding a grudge against for a while.

classic christmas

The décor

Another way to introduce the good old Christmas charm to your home is by decorating it. One way to go is to stick to the classic color schemes, which means a lot of red, green, white and maybe some silver. The options are many, from decorating a tree and putting up lights on your windows, to hanging a wreath on your front door or some stockings above your fireplace. Get some Christmas-themed covers and a few cushions for your sofa, some appropriate tablecloths and linens, and change your regular carpets or rugs for silver, gray and white round rugs to make your floors look icy and snowy, but still remain warm during the cold winter days.

Put some garlands and tree ornaments on your shelves, along with several candles and any Christmas cards you receive. It doesn’t take much to make your home look festive, so make an effort and then savor the results.

classic christmas

The food

With your home already looking like Christmas, some baking and cooking will make it smell that way as well. Bake some cookies and decorate them to bring joy to your whole family. If you have children, they’ll love helping you in the kitchen. Make eggnog and have some with your family and friends, have some hot chocolate or even make your favorite Christmas cake. Your home will smell divine if you add some cinnamon to your cookies or even just your tea or coffee.

You could also stick some cloves into whole oranges. Not only will they smell lovely, but you can eat them after a few days and enjoy the combined taste of the fruit and the spice. Finally, if you have an open fireplace, consider roasting some chestnuts there.

The activities

There are so many activities you can do to put you in the holiday mood. Whether you’re alone or with your family, you can do things like making your own Christmas decorations, writing holiday cards or even making some DIY presents for your loved ones. Build a snowman in your garden, wrap all your Christmas presents yourself or read Christmas stories in your pajamas.

classic christmas

Spend some quality time with your family by playing board games and solving puzzles while munching on cookies, or take turns to tell funny stories or anecdotes. Plus, if you want to do something nice for others, you can go through your clothes and other things you don’t need anymore and donate them to one of your local shelters. There is always somebody who will be grateful for it.

There are many ways to bring some old-fashioned holiday cheer to your home this Christmas. Pick the ones that will make you happy and spend your holidays wrapped in love, joy and kindness.

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