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Buying presents for your dad must be the hardest thing ever, because all men are the same. When they want something they just buy it themselves. It is no risk to say that every dad says to his child ‘just give me a kiss and I will be happy’. Neither is it a risk to say that all children hate this answer, because they do want something, but they never tell you. That is why you need to get creative and we are here to help you! Because with the dad gift guide, you will give him the best Christmas ever!

To start with, the best present you can give your dad is a Moccamaster Filter Coffeemachine. They last a lifetime and give the best coffee you can possibly get. Another fact is that filter coffee is much healthier than any other coffee, so you can sell the care about his health as well ;-).

For the busy dad who is always looking for places to put his phone, wallet and keys, a messenger bag is the perfect gift to go for. Is this a little bit out of your league? No worries, a perfume, some bubbles or a wallet are also perfect gifts for any dad. Is there anything we absolutely missed in this dad gift guide? Let us know, because you might inspire us too!

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