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Honestly, I could just leave it at that. Should you date him before NYE? Yes, you should! If you like him, and really like him, he deserves a little bit of your time in the leftovers of 2018!

It’s quite easy actually. If you’re into him, go on a date with him. I know, time is short and there are only a handful of days left, but it’s the ultimate test to see if you are heading into a strong relationship and I’ll tell you why.

Guy logic: You Should Date Him!

It may or may not have become apparent that Floortjeloves has a new editor who happens to be a guy. That’s right, me! And I’m here, not to criticize you, but to help. If you are into a guy and you feel like you have a strong connnection, then it’s very likely he feels the same way, especially if you have been going out for a while now.

You can always postpone to january, but guess what. He is not going to like it. Sure, there are definetly reasons not to date. I mean, if you’re booked full, you’re booked full, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try. Because that’s the feeling a man will get.
“She doesn’t want to give it a try, so she’s probably not into me,” believe me ladies, if we think this, the stupid sh*t happens.

Now, Turn This Around

So, he’ll feel left out of your life. Especially if you don’t plan on getting together at NYE. You are supposed to miss each other. If you make time to see him, expect him to do the same, because it’s clear signal if he doesn’t.

He should be just as excited to see you before the year ends. And don’t make it too difficult. It’s not about the date at all. It’s about the effort you both take in seeing each other. If you’re wondering about what you should do, check out this article, all though most of it is already way too much for such little time. You can better just go to the theather or the movies.

Take some time to talk or plan an easy dinner at a restaurant that is good, but doesn’t require a reservation. Go to a bar, have a drink or maybe hang out together and do nothing at all.

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