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Remember the haydays of your relationship? Everything was exciting. You could still surprise each other and yes, there were occassional uncertain moments, but it was fun! After while life catches up with you, and everything is normal and less extravagant. Right? Plan a nice date night to reignite that spark!

Always take the time to get to know your lover, even if you’re living together and know each other from front to back. A date night a week is really important. Don’t use excuses as: money is tight, or we are way too busy during the day. Trying new things together will help you get out of that rut.

Your relationship probably started with a date or a few. That’s how most couples got together, so having an regularly planned date night is the perfect way to keep your relationship fresh. Take turns and decide what you want to do tonight. As long as it’s not something you’ve done for a thousand times. It’s also easier to spend your time on new things if you scarcely have the time at all.

So talk to each other and try to find something you can do, together. And if all else fails and you’re really out of ideas, just order a table at a restaurant or go to a nice bar to have some cocktails. You know, even going to the movies together counts as a great date if you rarely leave the house together. But here are some ideas.

Easy date night ideas

Visit a local event: something that’s low-key. Just walk to onto the farmers market when it’s in town.

Challenge each other with a new sport: it’s very likely you’ll get to see a new side of your boyfriend if you sign up for a climb or bouldering lesson.  Or sign up for a sport you know you can do together. Like playing doubles on the tennis court.

Just go to the movies: especially now with all the cool releases.

Concerts and theather: these are still very popular options. It’s also a good way to discover new music.

Visit an art expo or museum: especially if there is something like a night tour going on, like the one in Amsterdam.

Do something you have never done before: go crazy, plan a couples (indoor) skydiving trip.

If you really want to stay indoors

If you really can’t go out, for any reason possible, still plan a date night every week. And don’t just lay around on the couch with you boyfriend and bingewatch Netflix shows. Buy the dough, marinara sauce and all the toppings you can think of, and make your own pizza or work on a cool DIY project together.

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