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Oh Holidays, what you’re doing with our hearts, is hard to describe. It’s not unheard of to meet mr. Right during the Holiday seasons, but dating him is a bit more tricky. It’s overall the busiest month of the year. But tricky isn’t impossible and dating during the holiday season is actually a lot of fun.

So, let’s start with the big do’s and the definite don’ts. First one out of the way: meeting his parents. You just met and unless you like to move at a lightning fast pace, meeting his parents is probably not on your agenda. So don’t do it. The perfect excuse is that you already have plans, because, let’s face it. You probably do.

Do something else

Be prepared to go the extra mile for the date. You have to think outside of the box, a regular diner, with drinks afterwards are probably not going to cut it, unless you want to be sitting in a packed restaurant. Dating is about stepping outside of your comfort zone, so show him you’re not afraid to do so.

Use the seasonal events to your advantage, like going to a Christmas market. You can sample food. Challenge him to come ice skating with you and if all goes well, set up your own Holiday traditions.

Don’t move too fast

The Holidays aren’t unlike the Spring season, love is in the air and all around you. So, it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment. Tone yourself down a bit and temper your expectations. Do not scare him away because you move too fast.

Men aren’t easily affected by the magic of the Holidays, take it from me, a guy. We like to spend time with you and knowing that you are making time with us, makes us happy. We also know you’ve got a busy schedule. That’s why dating in December usualy freaks us out a bit, because it can be stressful to juggle work, family, friends and you. Just know that by the end of the day, we truly want to spend with you.

You’re just dating, never forget!

Just like you will your date also have family diners, Christmas office parties and plans with friends. It’s hard, I know, because it’s just as hard for your date, but temper your expectations.

Never be too intrusive and definetly don’t invite yourself to his parties, especialy if it’s an office party. The last thing you wan’t is to be the overly attached girl who’s telling all his co-workers that you are his ‘girlfriend’.

Have an open mind

Even though I just said that you shouldn’t invite yourself to his parties, absolutely attend if he invites you! It means that he wants you to be with him. It does take some courage to go, because you probably don’t know a whole lot of people, so keep an open mind.

Talk to his co-workers or friends. Him seeing you enjoying yourself will take the pressure off. Just remember, if you’re only just dating, never introduce yourself as the girlfriend, if you’re not at that stage yet.

Do wear something red!

Really, it’s no urban myth. Men are easily seduced by the colour red and also more like to be aroused. So wearing this colour makes sure that he literaly can’t take his eyes off you.

Still looking for mr. Right?

Still looking for the right man? It’s tricky, you don’t have to tell us. What if someone would help you? Exactly! Sign yourself up for Bumble and start looking. Added bonus, you will be the one who initiates the conversation!

You can exchange small gifts

Everyone loves to get a small present, and that’s exactly what it should be. Don’t buy an incredibly expensive watch, you’re more likely to scare him of. But he’ll never forget it if you give him something small, especialy if it’s more like a joke because you remembered it from something he said earlier.

You should never assume, but perhaps he planned on giving you a nice gift as well.

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