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Do you also feel a bit lost after Christmas? It feels like these days shouldn’t exist. Aside from the occasional Christmas hangover, you have got this weird feeling when returning back to work or life all togheter.

Why do I need to go to work…

Sadly, if you haven’t taken some days off, you’ll be stuck in a near empty office. Do you work at a bar? Well then I’m sorry for you, so do I. I know that these are the worst days to work. But now is the time to innovate. You’re probably bored right out of your mind if you work in a commercial company or service industry.

Use these days to your advantage. You don’t have to sell anything, since people are generally out of money. You’re definitely not going to be busy, so have yourself a good brainstorm session. Write down the goals for 2019 and start realizing them right away.

Or what to do when you’re off

Christmas left you alone and with little else to do. New Years is still a week away and you want to be productive. You also don’t really feel like doing any work.

Well, if you really feel bad about all these extra pounds you’ve gained in the past couple of days, you can hit the gym or do some excersises at home. Pick up a new hobby. Just do something useful. There is plenty of time to hang about purposely in 2019.

Extend Christmas!

Keep livin’ it up, if you feel like you haven’t done enough Christmas partying. Two days are usually not enough to see everyone you love. So if you want to get together with the souls you missed during Christmas, then do so! Or maybe plan something with that special someone in your life.


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