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It is something that gives us signature. That will distinct us from each other. Of course I am talking about hair. I know, many of you guys aren’t happy with the natural hair they have so you change color, straighten it or make curls instead. We girls always have the problem that we don’t like something we have, but why? I live on one rule, when I respect my hair it will respect me back. So I never changed my hair-color and I only change my hairstyle for parties or events. Guess what? It works! I am always so thankful when I receive compliments about my hair but well, it is just because I take good care of it.

That doesn’t mean I also wish I had other hair sometimes. For example, my hair is so heavy I can get a huge headache when wearing a bun or high ponytail. And of course my hair is straight so I want to have curls so badly. (Un)fortunately I can’t change that in a natural way that is good for my hair so I just respect the hair I got it from my parents, and take really good care of it of course. You might already have read my haircare story from a few months back, where I was sharing some secrets for underneath and after the shower when your hair is still wet. But you know, your morning routine after brushing your hair is as much important.

Since a few weeks I am brushing my hair with this fantastic brush from Dessata. I was always quite skeptical about detangled brushes but when I found out this one I totally changed my mind. Brushing my hair is getting 10 times easier and it will not break and get damaged anymore. My hair is softer all day long. Yeah it must sounds like a cheap sales talk, but I am 100% honest with you guys! The fun thing about Dessata is that they have gift boxes with a mini brush extra. Perfect for when you’re on the way! Of course there are many more brushes like these but I just sharing my experience from this brand with you.

I always, really guys always, use a oily serum after I brushed my hair. It will take care of the destroyed hair-ends and more importantly now when it’s winter, your hair won’t get static. So no more electricity haha! My favorite is the one from L’Oréal. I am using it ever since I can remember and it still works the best for me. Also, when I am making curls for example, I always use a little bit extra so it will protect my hair from the hot plate. Don’t forget to do that too ladies! Also when straightening it. But most importantly, keep remembering it is not only about taking good care of your beautiful hair, it’s even more about appreciate every single bit of it. Because your hair will appreciate you too and will shine all day long! Compliments guaranteed ;).













I was using:

Brush: Dessata (similar here, here or here)

Oil: Loreal Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Serum Gloss &

L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Nude Serum Epassissant

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