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This weekend it is that time for the year again, Mother’s day. A day to celebrate, honor, love and thank all the beautiful moms in this world. Because were would we be without them? And I am not talking about giving birth – let’s skip that part – but about all the unconditional mother love. About all the life lessons they teach us. About all the care they take around us when our heart is broken or when we fell on the ground when we were little. So yes, our moms definitely need a big ‘thank you’ and here in this gift guide I would like to share my favorite presents to give to her.

Every classy mom likes a printed silk scarf. It can be such an upgrade to her look and they’re such nice and easy presents to give because there is a big chance she will like it. Other easy presents are definitely stuff for in her home. Thinking about these beautiful scented diffuser or a collection good looking travel books. In case you want to get more personal, than my number one favorite still is giving a perfume because it shows you really know that person. What about this suitable Love by Chloé perfume? Perfect for the occasion right?

When you like to give something more symbolic, you can also go for a classic watch, such as this new Dapper 34mm by Daniel Wellington. This because life with her is all about time. The time you had and already shared, but also the great moments that has to come yet. Anyway, I am sure when you even write down the words ‘Dear Mom,’ on a little card with a big bouquet of roses, with she will melt away anyway. So to all the moms in this world: I wish you a great Mother’s Day! And to all the children: Good luck with finding the right present or way to thank her for all the hard work she did for you. Hope you enjoyed this gift guide and definitely let me know what you like to give to your mom!

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  • Julia Bluhm . May 4, 2016 . Reply

    I love this collage of gifts! It’s really sweet. I totally agree that every classy mom likes a silk scarf. My mom wears a lot of those actually, haha!
    Love your blog! I just started my own blog:

  • Jules . May 4, 2016 . Reply

    Beautiful ideas!! 🙂

  • Stella . May 4, 2016 . Reply

    Love your ideas! Totally amazing!

  • Melania . May 4, 2016 . Reply

    Woow, fantastic ideas for our moms! Love the bag, it’s so beautiful 🙂

    xoxo ❤
    Melania |

  • Stanislava . May 5, 2016 . Reply

    The DW watch is so stylish! Perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

  • Agnes . May 5, 2016 . Reply

    Very pretty options! I love the Chloe Bag!
    Agnes x


  • Tia Teilli . May 5, 2016 . Reply

    Amazing ideas! Love the Chloé bag! xx

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