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Hi y’all and happy Sunday! I hope you are all recovering from a busy week very well. This Sunday I want to talk about my favorite subject which is food! Seriously, I can talk about food for hours. When it comes to food, I can’t think of anything I don’t like. So no matter if you cook Italian, Thai, French, Dutch, Chinese or vegetarian; I will eat it all. I love to spend hours in my kitchen preparing a good meal, it’s like therapy haha. But because of this busy life I don’t always have the time to cook, unfortunate. And okay – I admit – even I have some days were I don’t feel like cooking haha.

Happily there are restaurants on every corner in Amsterdam and is internet my best friend with ordering food. The only problem is that most of these meals are quite unhealthy and that’s why I like to share Cropbox with you today, which prepares market-fresh, plant-based lunchboxes and soups and delivers them all around Amsterdam (so sorry for the peeps who aren’t located here). I got the opportunity to try them out with my friends and we all loved having them. We felt more energetic after this box full of seasonal produce, hearty grains and legumes. The boxes doesn’t contain any meat, dairy, gluten or refined sugars. Besides the health facts, we were absolutely full after having it. It’s definitely more in it than it looks!

What we especially liked so much, which you don’t see at first sight, is that the meal is very tasteful. And by that I don’t mean that the taste is just good, but that the combinations are very surprising. So if you are an ‘Amsterdammer’ that not always feel like cooking, I dare you to try out one of their boxes or soups, which you can order on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for a very reasonable price. The perfect power boost in the middle of your week!

floortjeloves, delivered in a box, food, cropbox, healthy

floortjeloves, delivered in a box, food, cropbox, healthy

Get your own Cropbox here!

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