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Wednesday again, what a rainy and sad weather. Sun we are waiting for you! Because of the bad weather here I grabbed my denim jumpsuit out of the closet and pimp it with my last bought pink neon clutch. Hope that I can wear some summer clothes soon!
How is you week so far? Thank you for all your weekend stories from previous post, I love reading them! Hope you have some new great plans for this weekend. Tomorrow I’m finally a day free from everything because of Ascension day so I can finally enjoy a day relaxing. In the evening I’ve a party in Utrecht so I also have to save some sleep that day because the alarm goes early Friday.
The last thing I want to tell you is about an amazing bikini from Vacanze Italia that I received today! They sent me a beautiful and colorful bikini from their site and I’m so glad with it! Thankyou so much! Because of the bad weather I can’t make a post about it but if the weather is better I’ll make a post immediately! You already can take a look at their collection here. Enjoy your evening my lovelies XO
PS. I fount an amazing webshop that I want to share with you, it’s called Oasap, they have amazing clothes so take a look here or at the button on my page!
Met Jeans jumpsuit
H&M clutch
Zara shoes
Yves Saint Laurent arty ring
Michael Kors watch
H&M and Dyrberg Kern bracelets
Vintage belt
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  • me and you . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Lovely look!

  • TheUrbanUmbrella . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Looks great on you!

    The Urban Umbrella

  • Anete . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Awesome jewellery!!
    This webshop Oasap is very nice, I didnt know about it 🙂

  • Jane . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Hi, beautiful outfit! I only want to say you I adore your blog and nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. 🙂
    XOXO Jane

  • PlaceTrends . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    denim jumpsuit is soo sexy!!!

    xx alex

  • SIENA.STYLE . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    love your look!!

  • Hanna . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    cute look 🙂

    xoxo, Hanna

  • CarleeJ . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    I love this outfit. You make it look so lovely. I probably wouldn’t do it justice. I love the red hand bag, perfect amount of color. I am sorry the weather is bad there! I hope it clears up soon.

  • Helena Resende . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    You look too lovely! I also love your clutch! 🙂

  • Mona . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Estas guapisima!

  • Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Hi gorgeous you look absolutely stunning from head to toe. LOVE your style.

    PS. Thank you for your comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Hope to hear from you soon.

    <3 Marina

  • Votre Amie . May 16, 2012 . Reply

    Adorable denim jumpsuit and the pops of neon you threw in!!!

  • The House Of Darling - Darling Bonnie . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    The jumpsuit is amazing and Im not even much of a jumpsuit fan but you look fabulous!!!! Im sorry the weather is so awful there, the sun is finally starting to come around for us California kids. My week thus far has been very productive. Hope you enjoy the rest of yours!
    Darling Bonnie

  • Multi Style . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You’re always beautiful and stylish! I loved all outfit, but the clutch is perfect!!!!

    Kisses, Rebeca

  • Claudia . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Gorgeous!!!! Love the denim look, you look beautiful! xxxxx


  • Outside Looking In . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Wow, that whole outfit is amazing! The jumpsuit looks great on you and I love both the clutch and the shoes!

  • Ben de herkes gibiyim... . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    u look very stylish…love your jumpsuit soooo much 🙂

  • loveherb . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Perfect look! love your bag!

  • coco . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    very nice 🙂

  • milana2078 . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    The outfit sits perfectly on you! Brava! Happy day to you, dear!

  • Xenia Kuhn . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    I have exactly the same bag!!! :)))

  • Cinnamon and White Chocolate . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    great outfit! love the bag and the shoes 🙂

  • Ka Mila . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    amazing ; **

  • Fashionista . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You look lovely!

  • MonochromeMagpie . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    The clutch is so Celine coloured! I’m off to the H&M website to try and find it now :p

    Monochrome Magpie

  • Ruth Logan . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Love this outfit! Your shoes are gorgeous!

    Ruth xxxx

  • lena . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Very nice look. I love the bag…
    see you soon.

  • kakuidori . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    woah looks like a second skin on you, LOVE it


  • Diva In Me . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    In rainy weather, 1 should have something bright to brightens the day and which you are doing just great! =D

  • Antonella C'est moi . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    So cool!!:)

  • RaeAbigael . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    fabulous outfit! 🙂 and cute blog.
    Hey, wanna follow each other? I hope we can be friends! 🙂 Have a nice day! Ü

  • MarieAntoinette . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Great outfit and accessories! i love it all, absolutely 🙂 Anyway, I’d love you to enter my romwe giveaway! would you? 🙂

  • THE HF BLOG . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    awesome outfit hon!!!!!!!

  • Ilka von Torok . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    OMG I’m in love with your outfit!!! So perfect!
    xx Ilka

  • Re . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You look pretty!! Nice outfit. x :))

    Thank you for stopping by and for you sweet comment. xx

  • Kim . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Bedankt voor je commentaar op m’n blog! 🙂 Echt een gave outfit, je kunt het goed hebben hoor!!

  • Elisabeth Hostetter . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    I am loving that jumpsuit!!
    Love your blog 🙂

  • Judith Bel . May 17, 2012 . Reply


  • Mery - Coqueluxos . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    I love your blog, I’m following you here! Gorgeous look!xoxo

  • Biser Sable . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You’re looking great!<3

  • ♥♥Fashion-LadyLovely♥♥ . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Hi meid

    Thnx voor je berichtje op mijn blog.
    Leuke stoere look..!

    Check mijn nieuwste blogpost en laat een reactie achter..

  • ElsaD . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You have such an amazing style! Thanks so much for your nice comments. I’m actually following you now. Hopefully you can do the same and we keep in touch easier! xoxo

  • Isabella . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Zapraszam do mnie.:D

  • FashionCherry . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Love that denim jumpsuit – sooo elegant!

  • Maite . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    hi, thanks about your commet
    im following you via gogle
    and blogloving
    so sweet in this pics!!
    jadore the belt

  • viewrama . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    nice post 🙂

  • Hipstalur . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    i LOVE your style! Very cute denim combo, especially the stacking jewellery. I like!:)

  • Sara . May 17, 2012 . Reply


  • yiqin; . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    love your shoes <3

  • Sandy ;) . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    pretty 😉

    Liebe Grüße,
    Sandy von modewunder

    Ps: Hast du schon an meinem Gewinnspiel mitgemacht? Zu gewinnen gibts eine Tasche für 50€ 🙂

  • Ana Gallo . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Loving your style and your blog! Following!


  • The Fashion Writress . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Awesome! You have a great body 🙂

  • Melissa Blake . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    LOVELY!!! 🙂

  • S . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You look gorgeous!!!ù
    And your outfit is amazing, love all!

  • Allison . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the denim on denim and your clutch is awesome!


  • Corinne . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Did not even realize it was a jumpsuit until you said so– you rocked it amazingly!! I’m a sucker for rompers & a little apprehensive about the whole pantsuit type item, but you really look fab in it!! & I love the pops of color — just love love ;D & currently following :DD

    xx Corinne

  • pucefanatic . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You’re absolutely lovely in this jumpsuit!
    xx Gigi

  • The Pink Book of Style . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    You look so beautiful in this outfit! Love the shoes =) ..

    I was wondering if we could follow each other ..

    C *

  • Silvia . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Love the sandals and the clutch!!!

  • Lauren . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    amazing!! looove everything! You have gorgeous hair!! xx


  • Veronika . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Great outfit! You look pretty! 🙂
    I’ll work in our appartment and I hope this weekend we’ll finish it. Thn e’ll buy floor, funriture etc. Can’t wait! 🙂

  • Chic Pauza . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    this is a great outfit i would definitely wear 🙂 i love it!

  • Ángel . May 17, 2012 . Reply

    Hola! Decirte que un blog precioso, me encanta lo cuidado que lo tienes y sobre todo el diseño, gran trabajo 🙂

  • el_martina . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    lovely pictures and I love this denim suit!

  • Olga Kotsani . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    I really like your outfit!!
    Keep posting 🙂

  • Alba . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    You look amazing!!! cute outfit! xoxo

  • Shawna Hynes . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    Just discovered your blog & already love it so much – your style is fabulous! Love this denim look; so perfect for a rainy/grey day. Also adore that clutch so much! Now following you 🙂

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  • MOSAMUSE . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    great shoes!!


  • Carla Cee . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    so chic! and your pretty <3

  • Bonnie . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    LOVE that jumpsuit. I wish I could rock one like this!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  • Audrey . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    I love those sandals!

  • Jana . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    Die Clutch habe ich mir auch gekauft. Meine Mutti und ne Freundin finden sie allerdings schrecklich. Jetzt weiss ich nicht ob ich sie behalten soll… 😀

  • Can't Afford Chanel . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    Great bag! Plus your Iphone cover looks super cute:)

    Can’t Afford Chanel Blog

  • BExCLUSIVE MAGAZINE . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    I love your outfit!!!

    ciao ciao from Rome

  • Estilo Hedónico . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    I love it!


  • Rocio Larrea . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    ove the clutch!
    un kiss muy grande

  • Karolina . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    wow you look amazing

  • Marouane B. . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    Very cute ! Love it all !

  • Cappuccino frío . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    cute sandals!!!!

  • ΕΛΕΝΗ . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    I love it!

  • Lau Figueiredo . May 18, 2012 . Reply

    Really like the outfit, the bag is so cute!
    Thanks so much for your comment, I’m following you now. 🙂


  • Kristyn . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    You pull of denim on denim so well! I love the heels with the outfit, it gives it a gorgeous sense of class.

  • StephieB . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    Such a great look – I love that the bag really makes it all pop!

    Stephie x

  • Style Hostess . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    denim on denim looks so good on you gorgeous!
    seriously looking forward to more of your styling Floortje. I like the touch of pink and gold tints in this outfit. so lovely ~


    Style Hostess

  • Mani . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    Denim is a huge trend and you wear it fantastic! Great outfit!

  • sfumato . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    beautiful 🙂

  • Sootjeelina . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    Beautiful outfit! I love the jeans on you

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  • Anthea Lau . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    I love your look! this is so beautiful. Gorgeous heels, clutch, and watch <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  • smallgirlbigdreams . May 19, 2012 . Reply

    Ik vind gewoon alles mooi haha!


  • Fashion Memos . May 20, 2012 . Reply

    You look great! Love your shoes !!!!!<3

    Thanks for the sweet comment:>
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin?


  • Emanuel I. . May 20, 2012 . Reply

    Lovely blog darling.
    This look is very stylish & sexy.
    Hugs from RO.

  • lu beautylove . May 21, 2012 . Reply

    …beautiful look…lovely clutch!!!
    …thanks for your comment on my blog…would you like to follow each other???

  • StaceyKo . May 23, 2012 . Reply

    wow! u look stunning! love the jumpsuit and the clutch is so cool!
    simply love it!


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