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“It’s been a crazy year and I didn’t exactly live that healthy the last couple of weeks. I think I’m going to detox this month.” Wheter it’s your mum, friend or  co-worker, there is always someone that says this. Detoxing, the perfect way to cleanse your body of chemical toxins. But does it actually work? Well, the answer might surprise you.

You probably already get the direction we want to get into. These crazy detox are not proven to work. It’s a very popular ruse to get people to live more ‘healthy’, but sady, in some cases, it completely backfires.

Detox, the Lie

Stupidly enough, we like to believe everything that pretends to be healthy. I mean, there are still people who believe that shooting gallons of water up their bum, is healthy. The consequences can be severe. I’m talking about a colon cleanse, a detox method that’s not only unproven, but dangerous.

Okay, this might be a bit of an extreme example, but the hype around detox diets is getting out of control. The thing is; your liver, lungs and stomach is your body’s filtration system. There is little you can do to speed up this process. For example; alcohol still lingers on in your body for the next twentyone days. There is no diet on earth that will change that.

The Only Thing That Works

A lot of these diets are comparable. They share the same traits, sadly they also share a lot of similarities of Chrash Diets. These diets are really dangerous and above all, don’t work.

The only thing that actually works is eating healthy and on a regular base. Yes, if you want to lose weight, you eat a little bit less than usual and you cut back on snacks and other unhealthy foods. If you want to detox, you simply eat healthy. Eat nutrients that stimulate your body’s digestion. That’s the only thing that close to a detoxing diet. Don’t believe the magic pills or uncomfortable anema’s. Eating healthy is key, and something you should be doing anyway.

Above all, eating healthy is key and should definetly be one of your New Year’s resolutions. But detoxing with crazy, and most of the times, stupid expensive diets should have no place in your plans for 2019.


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Rajno van Wilgenburg

Rajno is finishing his study journalism. This is where he got in touch with the online media world. After working in marketing and data driven content, he started working as an author and editor. Now he is the trend watcher of Floortjeloves.

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