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Marilyn Monroe sung about it once and Madonna made a number one hit about it, and after all these years things haven’t changed. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you really don’t have to be ashamed of being a material girl. When the world is offering so many beautiful things, it is definitely okay to dream about all the sparkles we see! An international diamond jeweler that caught our eye recently, is BAUNAT. It has one of the most beautiful diamond jewelry collections we have ever seen, which we would like to share in three different looks with you today!

Evening wear is definitely the best reason to wear as many sparkles as possible, so we created three evening outfits to wear with White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold jewelry. While creating these looks, we first started with the rings. If there is one thing you should invest in first, it should be a diamond ring if you ask us. It is something you can wear and look at everyday. A classic piece to start with, would be this white gold diamond ring with one big diamond in the middle. As you can see it looks beautiful with an evening gown, but would still look fantastic with a white shirt and jeans!

You can also go a little bigger, but stay classic, and go for this beauty of a yellow gold ring. Perfectly wearable with almost everything, but we would particularly love to combine it with this soft pink outfit. Last but not least, go bold and big. This rose gold ring must be the biggest eye-catcher of them all. Because they used different colors of diamonds, it is such a special and unique piece. All you need is a classic black dress and you will be the belle of the ball! We cannot choose our favorite and wish we could have them all. What about you? Let us know in the comments!


1. White Gold Diamond Bracelet
2. White Gold Diamond Earrings 
3. Grey Gown
4. White Gold Diamond Ring
5. Sparkling Heels
6. Velvet Evening Bag
7. Tom Ford Lipstick
8. Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet
9. Soft Pink Trousers
10. Velvet Clutch Bag
11. Soft Pink Embroidered Top
12. Yellow Gold Diamond Ring
13. Yellow Gold Diamond Earrings
14. Gold Glitter Pumps
15. Rose Gold Diamond Earrings
16. Rose Gold Diamond  Bracelet
17. Rose Gold Diamond Ring
18. Blue Velvet Bag
19. Black Evening Dress
20. Black Stiletto Heels

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