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Make-Up Monday it is! I have been waiting to share this post with you as I am so excited about my little found. Let’s start with the beginning of this look. You all may have seen the beautiful summer collection from Dior, where they played with pink eyeliner, purple mascara, soft lips and so one. Of course as a huge beauty lover I fell in love with this look but I also knew that it won’t be a look that I’ll wear daily.. When talking about good products I feel okay with spending a some money on it, but besides that I want it to be good (which Dior definitely is) I also want to use it instead of waisting my money.

Than I got this little tip from a friend that Bourjous has the same pink eyeliner but for much less. You can probably guess what I did, run to the store to get this pencil, and when I got it I jumped around (like I actually always do). While trying it out at home I was so surprised about the quality as the structure is a little bit oily so really easy to apply as a liner. To finish my budget Dior Make-Up look I also bought a black Super Liner from L’Oréal, which is also perfect! My eyes are very sensitive when it comes to make-up, like the eyeliner I had before was hell. My eye started tearing as soon as I touched it so not a big success. Anyway, these products are also perfect if you have sensitive eyes like I have because they really are good!

The message I want to give with this post is that fashion nor beauty has to be expensive all the time. Of course we all dream about that Celiné bags or Chanel flats, but you can find so many payable treasures like I showed you today. Another thing is, see it as an investment. When you save money on make-up or jewelry for example, you can used the saved money for your savings account and well, after a while you can buy that bag! 🙂

Enough talking about the products, it is time for a short explanation about how to create this look. First you need to have a good base on your skin. Use your favorite (compact) foundation and bronzing powder. Finish this up with some blush on the cheeks and fill up your eyebrows. Now you can start with the liner. Begin with the pink one and apply it close to your lashes. After you did the pink liner you can draw a line with the black one underneath. Afterwards some mascara and last but not least: Lips and Nails! What do you think about this pink eyeliner trend? Do you love as much as I do, or do you skip this one? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!










Eyes: Bourjous Contour Clubbing No. 58 Pink About You +

L’Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim Black

Lips: Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss

Blush: Dior Trianon Edition No. 763

Nails: Dior Vernis No. 158


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