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You’re probably a bit on the late side if you still need to decorate your house for the holidays. Some love it, others don’t. One thing is for sure. It sucks to be original. Almost everybody has the same kind of Christmas decorations, but there is one way to break the mold. It just takes a little bit of creativity and a patience.

So, we’ve decided to go for a DIY Christmas decor. A little inspiration will help you get on the way. So take a good look around. Firstly, what are going to work with? The size of your house or room is of great importance, so are the colours. What’s the point of decorating with stuff that doesn’t match.

Minimal Christmas decorations

Minimalism has influenced interior designs all through 2018. Why not stick to this principle ’till the end of the year? Less, truly, is more. Especially if your home is already interior design is largely based on a minimalist style. Check out what these people do with just a simple vase and some decorative balls.

Christmas home decorations DIY

On the walls

The walls shouldn’t be forgotten. Even though we want to go all out, we don’t want to make it too difficult. These next picture frames will give your home a complete Christmas make-over. And making it will only take a second. Just be careful that you don’t drill through the wiring. It would really suck if you have to start your Christmas with an expensive reparation bills.

Christmas home decorations DIY

Lighten up!

No Christmas interior design is done without the right lighting. It’s a bit harder to make this yourself, but not impossible. Here are some great tips to help you along the way if you wanna get creative. Always be careful when working with lights. Aside for the obvious ‘don’t electrocute yourself’, lighting tends to get warm. So when done incorrectly can be a potential fire hazard.

Christmas home decorations DIY

Bits and Pieces

Aside from the obvious decorations, you will really personalise your home with the little details. Small bits and pieces that makes you ‘you’. Only you know what you like and how to express that into a Christmas decoration. But if you want to get creative, but lack the needed inspiration? Then look at what these people have made.

Christmas home decorations DIY

Now, what are your favorites and tips for the perfect Christmas decoration? Let us know!

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