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Let’s kick off this weekend with a little creative, but super easy DIY! I can’t believe it has been SO long since I posted my last do it yourself, especially since I love to do them. I always have been this creative type, sitting in her room without any music. Just me and my thoughts and some stuff to create something new and unique. Ahh, love these days.. Anyway, as you know I moved to Amsterdam and I need to get it cozy here. I have no idea why I haven’t shared this post earlier, especially since it is actually shot in my old room at my parents place. But, my friend Mr. Skull was one of the first things I took with me to Amsterdam as I think it is such an eye-catching accessory in a home. So, let’s go!

All you need to make this DIY is an old bottle, a white matt spray can, a big paper box to spray in and of course a nice place to display your bottle. My bottle is from a Crystal Head Vodka and I got it in a restaurant in Ibiza. Since it was almost empty I could have the bottle if the last drinks were gone. So one more shot for all and I got my skull, sooooo happy! That’s probably the most fun about my DIY, the whole story behind it.

So no matter if you paint it green, pink or blue and use a simple bottle, or a special one like I did, I think items like this just really makes a place look interesting. Besides that, they’re super easy to carry on your jewelry or hair accessories as well. Win-win! Hope you liked this DIY and if you have any suggestions on new ones than please tell me! Can’t wait to share more home stuff with you soon! Also, if you created one yourself than make sure to share the result with me, excited to see your creations! Happy weekend loves xxx

Ps. Before you guys are going to ask, I made the flower crown myself and found the tutorial on Pinterest!







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