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Happy Sunday loves! For today I have another DIY for my project with Wander & Hunt which is probably the easiest one to make! Yes I am talking to you, who are afraid to start crafting because you think you’re not creative enough. I mean it loves, everybody can be creative and everybody can do DIY-ing. Just start with it and see how much fun it is to do! Especially now, when you have your last weeks of holiday, or just a lazy weekend, you are bored and want to do something. But than you came to the point that your room is clean, you’re still full from dinner and on TV there are just some soaps that are actually to bad to watch. Well the solution is this, start crafting!

Like I said, for today I have a DIY that is easy to make for everybody. You may have seen this cute spike earring before in a post while I was wearing it, now I am so happy to finally share with you how to make it yourself. Let’s start with the supplies you need. I got my spike from the stud kit from Wander & Hunt, but you can also order them separate if you just want these. Further you need some glue (also from Wander & Hunt), a diamond stud earring and you’re complete to start. in the photos I show you step by step how to make this earring. It took me literally 5 minutes and I was done, so simple. They are as simple as the Dior earrings I made before, and as you know I wear them almost always. That will probably happen with these too because I love them. They’re a little bit edgy through the silver spike, but at the same time they’re chic through the diamonds. Just love the combination!

Now we are half way my project as this was my third one and I have three more to share with you. Every single project is totally me so I am supporting them 100%. As a child I was always busy with crafting, and now when I am older it still is one of the things I love to do the most. You’re never too old to start nor too not-creative. Everybody can enjoy making things their own and having fun with it. There is nothing better than to tell everybody that you made that shirt or earring (like in this case) yourself! So get out of your chair, grab your computer and go to Wander & Hunt to shop your first materials! Enjoy lovelies!

PS. Good news on the way as I can post the Louis Vuitton article this Tuesday, stay updated!!









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