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February 10, 2019.Floortje.0 Likes.0 Comments

Red, the color of love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Some of you might find it a little daring to go all red on your V-day date, but you shouldn’t be! Because red is not only the color of love, but also of passion, seduction, strength and confidence. So instead of dressing as always you should go a little bit our of your comfort zone and go for an all red date night outfit. Here are my two favorites you should give a shot:

The Suit

Nothing more empowering than a woman suit. And if a suit is, than a red suit should be even more powerful! This red suit from Comma is a perfect date night outfit idea, but is also perfect to wear when Valentine’s Day is over. Combine the red trousers with a chunky knit and you’re good to go as well! And the blazer well, you can always wear a red blazer so you shouldn’t’ worry about that ;-).

The Dress

If you really want to seduce your partner in crime and feel totally feminine, you should obviously go for the second option which is a red dress. Combine it with sandal heels and a tweed blazer for a chic touch. I am 100% sure your date can’t resists you when you wear a dress or outfit like this..

Oh, and don’t forget to add a red lipstick for the win! 😉

I was wearing:

Blazer: Comma

Trousers: Comma

Dress: Comma

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