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Let’s get this out of the way first. Men like red. It arouses them, that’s a psychologically proven fact. So, are you planning on wooing your partner, newfound lover or ‘just that guy your seeing’ this Valentine’s. Wear something red-coloured at the very least. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to let your elegant outfit speak for you. What do you want to tell him this year.

Elegant in a fancy restaurant

Elegant valentine's outfits Elegant valentine's outfits

If you know that your night starts in a restaurant of pure luxury, you’re probably thinking already thinking about your outfit. Elegant is definitely the way to go. You’ll need something that matches his suit, smart-chique outfit or her fancy dress, jumpsuit. We prefer elegant over formal. Be radiant, and don’t be afraid to be the most beautiful woman in the restaurant. We have made a small selection. If you want to browse, we recommend ASOS. Especially check out (and checkout) the cocktail dresses.

Evening side – Kestan

Breeze Rayon Dress – Komodo

Midi dress with open draped back – ASOS

Jessa Dress – Ash & Rose

Melange zip dress – Ash & Rose

Lipsy Cowl Neck Maxi – ASOS

This outfits screams class! You want to be seen for the serious and wonderful woman you are. And you should, he should be falling head over heels for you all over again when he sees you in this killer dress. But, these outfits also radiate confidence, so be confident. That’s the only accessory to compliment your V-Day outfit.

The goal you’re setting is to blow your partner out of the water. He or she won’t mind the effort you put in appearance. But! We just stated that a man get’s turned on by a woman in red, and none of these dresses are, That’s why you should accessorize. And by the way ladies are generally turned on by the colours blue and green. ;-)

The right accessories

The right accessories can make or break your outfit, and since we haven’t got a red dress, we’re going to need to add some crimson touches. So, check out these beautiful and cool accessories made by our own Floortje. Her jewellery line will provide the finishing touch for your Valentine’s outfit.

Elegant valentine's outfit

Red Ball Earrings – Je Suis Flore

Baby Corral Necklace – Je Suis Flore


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