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Happy Sunday Loves! It is time to workout again! We all want to have the perfect summer body and during these three months Garry Abbas from GAPT and I will help you to get summer fit! Do you remember our first post from two weeks back? How did that workout session go? Did you used the routine daily? If yes, you’re the best! Keep going! But if not I hope we will motivate you today with a new workout routine which is all about endurance and training the muscles, my personal favorite.

With this schedule we made some photos by each exercise, so you understand them and know how it works. For the warming up and cooling down we have to go outside, just like last time. For the heart we can stay warm inside and all we need is a yoga mat or just a carpet in your living room. As workout music I listened to Uptown Funk from Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson to stay motivated, and while working out I liked Latin Lovers a lot because this kept me movingggg!

Don’t forget to hydrate enough while doing your exercises, but also after you finished! I really like to have my Your Tea after a good workout session. Not only to hydrate but also to clean my body. For a week now I am drinking their Tiny Tea and I really love it. My skin improves and I feel so much better after dinner or a workout. Have a look at their site so see which tea fits you the best. Hope you liked the post folks and good luck these coming two weeks!

Warming up (endurance) 

– Stretching all the muscles we have!
– 15 minutes of brisk walking/jogging if you can

Heart (power)

Try to do these exercises 1 minute each or as long as you can. 15-30 sec. rest in between exercises.

– Squat Jumps (the higher you jump the better)
– Burpees
– Knee Raise for left and right (in speed if you can)
– Squat Pose as long as you can !
– Bird Dog for left and right
– Sit Ups (in speed if you can)
– Planking as long as you can !
– Oblique Sit Ups with boxing
– Back Extension (like superman)

Cooling down

– 10 x 50 meter jog/sprint for beginners or 10 x 100 meter jog/sprint for advances
– 5-10 minutes of brisk walking/jogging if you can
– Stretching all the muscles and relax.. Well done!!














Schedule by GAPT

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