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Every now and again we go on a virtual shopping spree, but we only select sustainable brands that care about the planet and fair workconditions. It’s rough out there, finding a sustainable or ethical brand isn’t easy, but sometimes you stumble upon a winner. One such a winner is Everlane!

Everlane isn’t exactly the new kid on the block. It’s almost ten years old now and focussed primarily on ethical fashion from it’s start until now. It started as a menswear retailer, now it’s an online warehouse with incredible garments. We are in love and best of all: it’s affordable.

Ethical fashion + Affordable prices = Awesome!

It’s not just the price and the mission of Everlane, the clothes look great. It’s a mix between everything you’d find at Zara and Uniqlo. The clothes look modern. It’s mostly no nonsense with a great attention to the little details and a nice emphasize on denim.

Ethical fashion Everlane

For a good cause

Don’t take our word for it, Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer are praised by Forbes 30 under 30 for reinventing the fashion industry. As of 2017, they’ve completely stopped using plastic and even recycled plastic for shipping the Everlane products. They’re not sustainable (yet)! But well underway to a better future. They describe theirselves as radically transparant. 

This transparancy is visible in their pricings, in their workers conditions and they don’t mind to share the dirty details, if there are any to find. 

Ethical fashion Everlane

Just Not There Yet

They are working according to the fair trade laws and support an acceptable working condition for their factory workers, but they’re just not there yet. Everlane has put it’s mark on the fashion labour, and is now innovating with vegan leather and other organic materials. We’re happy that Everlane cares about their workers, more brands should be like that. It’s also important that they give some thought about ways to keep improving. Like using green products. 

More about sustainable lifestyle?

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