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I. Love. Coffee. My morning starts with breakfast and a nice brew of black gold. And I’ve recently upgraded my kitchen with a filtered coffee machine. It’s still the best way to drink coffee, if not only for the health benefits. Because filter coffee is the prefered option over cups.

If you want to drink the best of the best, you’ll invest in a bean grinder and a barista-quality machine with pistons, however I don’t have the funds nor the space in my kitchen. So I chose for this one. Well, I’ll save you the sales pitch, aside from it being the perfect machine for someone who is #foreveralone. What I noticed is that the coffee tastes a lot better.

Sustainable coffee enjoyment

I was using a Dolce Gusto machine before. I can’t complain about the quality of the coffee, because it was good. But something was missing. It’s simply not possible to get the same taste from a machine that uses cups.

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Like I said, the cups weren’t too bad and you could buy some crazy hazelnut-mocca-vanilla-blend flavor if you were feeling fancy. The only and biggest drawback however is the cup itself. It’s plastic, very very plastic. Which is terrible for the environment. They’re not exactly reusable, in fact they’re rendered useless once it’s been used. Besides, drinking coffee from cups isn’t as healthy as filter coffee. Not exactly the right twist to my newfound sustainable lifestyle.

Using a machine that uses ground beans is a bit better for the environment and definitely the more susustainable option. However, most of the ground beans still come in plastic packaging, however, keep an eye out for brands like these.

Ground over cups

While the cups give you a bit more variety and are generally faster, it doesn’t beat the taste of a freshly ground cup of coffee. Mostly, it gives you the option to use organic coffee that’s pure and 100 percent additive free. It won’t contain preservatives and added sugars.

Coffee filter, filtered better than cups

The plastic used in the (cheaper) cups are usually not that great. It diminishes the taste and can even leave small traces of molten plastic in the coffee, which of course is very bad for you. Of course I also care about the environment and the way we should treat our planet. Plastic waste is a big problem and using coffee cups is completely unnecessary if there is such an easy alternative. If you’re done brewing, you can just throw your filter in the VFG waste.


Being more in touch with the environment and thinking about sustainability of course is important, but there is one big difference between filtered and cups. Both contain cafestol, a substance in the coffee that stimulates an increase in bad cholesterol. So, now you’d think coffee is bad for you, but the levels of cafestol differ between ground beans and cups.

A coffee-capsule contains 1 milligram of cafestol, which is already a high amount, whereas filtered coffee only contains 0,1 mg. Meaning that there is a definite limit on drinking anything that comes out of a cup. Safe to say that the filtered kind is much better for your health, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to limit yourself.


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